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This year, re-registration will be facilitated through HornsLink. Annual re-registration will be open Tuesday, April 8, 2014, through Tuesday, April 22, 2014. RSOs/SSOs that have not re-registered by the deadline will be made inactive.

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University Filmmakers' Alliance (UFA) - 2070

Registration Information

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Organization Number: 2070

First Registered On: 01-31-1997

Last Registered On: 04-16-2013

Organization Information

Registered Organization Information Change Request Form

Status: Active

Purpose: The University Filmmakers Alliance is a registered student organization at the University of Texas Austin. The organization is open to all UT students and encourages them to create films with fellow students. UFA was founded in 1997 when several Radio/Television/Film students felt they were not given enough experience by the department. Over the years, many students aspiring in film have met and created movies together, received internships or jobs, and have become acquinted with industry professionals.

Membership: Open to all UT students. Dues contribute to our annual filmmaker conference. Previous attendees include Kurt Wimmer (dir., Equilibrium), Michael Tronick (editor, Mr. and Mrs. Smith), Ron Bozeman Cprod., Silence of the Lambs) and Wes Craven.

Functions: Weekly meetings with local film community guests, group filmmaking challenges, JumpCut Film Festival, and a filmmaker conference every April.

Organization Type: Professional

Contact Information

Phone: (713) 299-8190


Web site:

Representatives: (Name, Title)

Update Authorized Representatives

Jeremy Hasson, President
Michaela Huff, Event Coordinator
Alifya Ali, Conference Director
Michael Gonzalez, Vice President
Brad Stevens, Treasurer
Danny Hynes, Competition Coordinator
Kelsey Hockmuller, Vice President
Madeline Bethard, Conference Director
Sean Corbin, Historian

Campus Office Address: N/A


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Each year, registered student organizations self-identify according to the following twelve categories:

  1. Educational/Departmental Organizations promote development in a particular academic area.
  2. Honorary Organizations recognize high-level academic achievement, and generally require a demonstrated interest in a particular career or academic discipline.
  3. International/Cultural Organizations foster cultural diversity and offer support to their members and the campus community.
  4. Legislative Student Organizations Graduate Student Assembly, Senate of College Councils and Student Government.
  5. Political Organizations support political parties, political issues and/or candidates who are seeking political office.
  6. Professional Organizations provide a preview of students' anticipated professional careers. Group activities may include speakers, field trips and volunteer or field work.
  7. Recreational Organizations promote sports-oriented programs and/or recreational activities.
  8. Religious Organizations serve as support for students of a particular religious persuasion or denomination.
  9. Service Organizations provide volunteers for on-campus and off-campus projects. Membership requirements generally include a commitment to work for and/or an interest in a particular cause.
  10. Social Organizations foster social networks among members.
  11. Special Interest Organizations focus on a specific issue or topic.
  12. Student Governance Organizations address student needs and express student views.