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Student Elections

Each spring semester, many different positions open up for campus leadership opportunities. Positions become available in the Graduate Student Assembly, Student Government, Texas Student Media, University Co-op, and the University Unions. These opportunities are fulfilled by students who file to become candidates and participate in the Campus-Wide Elections.

Supervision of the Campus-Wide Elections begins with the Election Supervisory Board. This group is charged with conducting and overseeing the elections, including disputes and grievances. Students have the opportunity to participate on the Election Supervisory Board when applications open mid-fall.

During each fall semester, first-year students have the opportunity to serve on Student Government via First-Year Elections.

2021 Campus-Wide Elections

Campus-wide elections are an important opportunity for all students to make connections across campus, serve our fellow longhorns, and engage in productive dialog about the university we call home. Whether you run for an elected position, campaign for someone who does, or share your voice through your vote, the entire campus-wide election process is a chance for all of us to exemplify our university tagline and show that what starts here changes the world.

View the 2021 Campus-Wide Election Results (pdf)