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Annual Registration

Each spring, all student organizations are required to complete a four-step annual registration process. This ensures that each organization updates its profile and information with the University, and meets the eligibility requirements outlined in The University's Institutional Rules (Subchapter 6-200).

Organizations that do not complete annual registration will be frozen. Frozen organizations will not have the privileges that are granted to student organizations including but not limited to reserving campus space, participating in student organization fairs, applying for awards and recognition, being eligible for funding opportunities through the Events Co-sponsorship Board.

Complete Annual Registration

STOP! Before you begin the process, be sure to update your HornsLink navigation to the new version by clicking the “Try It Now” text linked at the top of the homepage. Log into HornsLink, and log-in using your UT EID and password. If you do not see it, then you have already updated and you can move forward with the four-step registration process.

Step 1) Update your organizations HornsLink roster
Your roster should include all active members of your organization and at least 3 officers.

To add members to your roster:

To change a current member on your roster to an officer:

Step 2) Initiate the registration process
Log into HornsLink using your UT EID and password.

Step 3) Complete the annual registration form.

Step 4) Pay the $20 Annual Registration fee.
The fee can be paid two ways:

Once all steps have been completed, Student Activities staff will review your submission. Staff will return applications for edits through HornsLink if there is an issue with submissions or notify applicants if the application has been approved.

What to do After Completing Annual Registration

Attend Officer Orientation, it's a great way for new officers to learn about leading a student organization.

Complete the Safety Education Program.

Earn Awards and Recognition for Your Organization.

Attend trainings on being a successful student organization leader.

Staying in Good Standing

Organizations that are not in good standing, will be frozen in HornsLink. Organizations are frozen for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: having less than three officers, less than 10 members, outstanding financial bill, failure to complete Safety Education and failure to complete annual registration.

If your organization is frozen in HornsLink, contact the Student Organization Center at 512-471-3065 or with the full name of your organization to learn how to resolve other issues.