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Starting a New Student Organization

The Spring 2021 New Organization Application process is now closed.

Like pre-requisites for your classes, there are things that you should do before you apply to be a registered student organization.

  1. Recruit Members
  2. Write A Constitution
    • As of January 29, 2019 all student organizations applying to be a new organization or re-register an existing student organization must submit a constitution as part of their registration.
    • Writing your propose organization's constitution prior to submitting your registration application will stream-line the application process.
    • A model constitution and guidelines are available on the "Constitutions" section of the "Leading Successful Organizations" web page.

Complete the following steps to form a registered student organization:

  1. Attend Officer Orientation
    • Login to Events will not appear if you do not login.
    • Click "Events" and search for "Officer Orientation"
    • Select the date you wish to attend
    • Submit your RSVP response in the right column
  2. Submit a new student organization application Do not submit an application until you have attended Officer Orientation.
    • Login to
    • Click "Organizations"
    • Click on the "Register a New Organization" button in the left column
    • Click on the "Register a New Organization" at the bottom
    • Follow the registration instructions
  3. Submit the $20 application fee
    • Online: Click on New Registered Student Organization Application Fee, or
    • In Person: Visit the Student Organization Center at 2609 University Avenue with exact cash or a check made out to UT Austin.

Once steps 1-3 have been completed and if no Institutional Rules violations have surfaced, it will take two weeks to process your application. The Student Activities staff will email you when your organization is approved.

Please contact the Student Organization Center at 512-471-3065 or with any questions.

Sponsored Student Organizations

Sponsored student organizations are student organizations that have a designated and acknowledged partnership with a university academic or administrative unit. Sponsorship by academic or administrative units requires support, endorsement, supervision, and the assumption of responsibility for the actions and activities of the student organization. To apply for sponsorship, a new student organization will need to complete the application process above and then the Student Organization Sponsorship Application Form. An existing registered student organization will start with the Student Organization Sponsorship Application Form. This form is only for organizations applying for sponsorship for the first time.

Renewal of sponsorship is required annually, April 1 – April 22. The application for renewal is embedded in the Student Organization Annual Registration process and does not require a separate form.