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Starting a New Student Organization

To start a new organization here at UT Austin, all that is needed are 10 members, a constitution, and $20. The new student organization application process for the 2024 spring term will open January 9 at 9 a.m. Registration will close on February 16 at 5 p.m.

Steps to Starting a New Student Organization

All new student organizations, including those intending to become sponsored student organizations, must first complete all five steps to form a registered student organization. The student who will serve as the president or primary contact for the new organization should complete each step in the order listed below.

  1. Recruit Members: Student organizations must have 10 members.
    1. Organizations that do not maintain at least 10 members on their HornsLink roster must participate in the Organization Coaching Program. For more information, please review the Organization Coaching Program guidelines (pdf).
    2. Review the Recruitment and Retention of Members guide (pdf) for tips and best practices.
  2. Complete the New Organization Orientation.
    1. Log in to Canvas and click Enroll in Course
    2. Click Go to Course.
    3. Complete the online workshop modules and quiz.
  3. Submit a new student organization application.
    1. Sign in to HornsLink.
    2. Click the Organizations tab.
    3. Click the Register an Organization button on the left-hand side.
    4. Click Register a New Organization at the bottom.
    5. Follow the registration instructions, and click Submit.
    6. Submit a constitution along with your application*.
  4. Pay the $20 application fee.
    1. To pay online:
      1. Go to Office of the Dean of Students TXSHOP.
      2. Click on New Org Application.
    2. To pay in person, visit the Student Organization Center (2609 University Avenue, Suite 2.112) with exact cash or a check made out to UT Austin.
  5. Attend a Safety Education Workshop.
    1. Log in to HornsLink.
    2. Click on the Events tab and search for Safety Education.
    3. Select the date you wish to attend.
    4. RSVP to the workshop.
    5. Attend for the full duration of the workshop.

Once these steps have been completed, application processing can take up to four weeks. Student Activities will email if there are any questions about the application.

Please email for more information.