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Sponsored Organizations

Sponsored student organizations are student organizations that have a designated and acknowledged partnership with a university academic or administrative unit. Sponsorship by academic or administrative units requires support, endorsement, supervision, and the assumption of responsibility for the actions and activities of the sponsored student organization. Sponsorship may not be extended to student organizations involved in political or religious activities or in projects for private gain. Student Activities highly encourages student organizations to operate as a registered student organization (RSO) on campus for one (1) academic year before applying to become sponsored. Rules regarding sponsorship are found in section 6-101(6) of The University of Texas at Austin Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities.

Differences Between Registered and Sponsored Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations

  • Advisors are optional.
  • Considered private entities and do not represent the university.
  • New organizations start as registered student organizations.
  • Groups control their finances and off campus bank account.
  • Trademark usage is prohibited.
  • Religious and political affiliations allowed.

Sponsored Student Organizations

  • Advisors are required.
  • Affiliation with a UT Austin department or unit.
  • Sponsored organizations must first become a registered student org.
  • Org accounting must be done on campus through sponsoring unit.
  • Trademark approval is allowed, if approved.
  • Religious and political affiliations prohibited.

There are benefits to becoming a sponsored student organization, such as:

Potential benefits for academic or administrative units working with a sponsored student organization include having:

In order to be sponsored by an academic or administrative unit, an officer of the registered student organization must complete the following steps:

Officers of registered student organizations who are interested in seeking sponsorship by an academic or administrative unit are welcome to make a sponsored student organization consultation with Student Activities.

Sponsored student organization status is shown on our Student Organizations Currently in Good Standing page or Hornslink, please review the organization's Hornslink profile.