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Student Organization Travel

Updated 5/18/2022: There are no travel restrictions for domestic or international travel. Visit for information regarding domestic and international travel health and safety guidance.

Fully vaccinated individuals returning from domestic travel may return to in-person activities immediately.

Unvaccinated travelers, following CDC guidance for domestic travel, get tested for COVID-19 with a viral test three to five days after travel AND refrain from returning to in-person activities for seven days from the date of arrival, following a negative COVID test three to five days after their return. If the traveler does not wish to get tested, they should stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days. Students and employees can access testing for free through the UT Proactive Community Testing program.

Student organizations travel for many purposes: philanthropy, retreats, conferences, competitions and more. However, it is important to remember that travel is a high-risk activity. With proper risk management, your student organization can reduce the risks associated with travel.

UT Austin travel policies are designed to ensure that student organizations adequately consider and plan for the safety concerns associated with an event or activity involving travel. There are specific steps students must take before they travel depending on their travel destination.

Student organization travel should not be required of the organization's members unless it is fundamental to the purpose of the organization, or otherwise critical to its mission or goals. Some examples of travel that may be fundamental to the organization's purpose or critical to its mission may include, but are not limited to, debate teams, sport clubs and groups organized largely for the purpose of engaging in state, regional or national academic or athletic competitions.

Student Activities offers one-on-one travel consultations to help with planning a safe and successful trip. If your student organization is planning to travel, please contact us at 512-471-3065 to schedule an appointment.

Please click on the applicable link below for detailed information and resources.

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