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Trademarks and Copyrights

Use of The University of Texas at Austin Protected Marks

In 1981, The Board of Regents of the UT System established a licensing program to protect its name and identifying marks. The University of Texas at Austin is a trademark of The Board of Regents and can only be used by organizations that are officially sponsored by a university department. Protecting the name of the university and the graphic elements that are used to represent our community benefits everyone affiliated with UT Austin.

Trademarks include but are not limited to the following: The University of Texas at Austin™, The University of Texas©, University of Texas©, Texas©, Longhorns©, UT™, seal design, tower design, Hook em Horns©, Bevo©, Lady Longhorns©, interlocking UT, block T, Longhorn Silhouette, running mascot caricature, longhorn caricature, Helmet logo, Texas w/ longhorn design, Hook 'em hand sign, Hook 'em™, Get Hook™, Horns™, Red River Shootout, Red River Rivalry, Red River Showdown. Further information on trademarked graphics can be found at UT's Visual Guidelines site, which has several pages devoted to protected marks.

Registered student organizations are not "officially sponsored" by the university. Therefore, registered student organizations may not use the name of The University of Texas at Austin, an abbreviation of the name, or any of its trademarks or logos in its name. However, a registered student organization may use words such as "campus", "university", "Texas chapter", or "Austin" as part of its name.

Sponsored student organizations are an official extension of the university and may use protected university logos and marks in accordance with the guidelines for each mark. Sponsored student organizations must coordinate with their sponsoring administrative or academic unit to submit their design through the Internal Campus Request Portal to receive approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Groups without prior written approval may not use trademarks of The University of Texas at Austin. Additionally, all products must be produced by licensed vendors that are authorized, pursuant to license agreement, to use UT Austin trademarks.

Use of Off-Campus Entity Trademarks

Registered student organizations are not allowed to use trademarks or logos owned by commercial entities in conjunction with any activity promoted or conducted on campus. This includes, but is not limited to using the logos on: flyers, posters or banners.