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Complete Safety Education

Organization leadership must assure their organization has completed the following two steps each fall. While the deadline is in October, it is recommended that you complete this program as early as possible in the fall semester.

  1. Safety Education Leadership Workshop
    The President/Primary Contact must attend a Safety Education Leadership Workshop. Presidents/Primary Contacts may attend this on behalf of more than one organization in which they serve as President or an equivalent officer. Multiple workshops are provided to fit your schedule; however, you only need to attend one per academic year. Be sure to RSVP and attend a Safety Education Leadership Workshop as soon as possible. Workshops fill quickly and the President will need to coordinate Step 2 of the program before the stated deadline, so please plan accordingly. *Please note the President, or approved attendee, must be a UT Student. An Advisor cannot attend on behalf of the organization.
  2. Safety Education Organization Training
    After attending the Workshop, the President, or the equivalent officer who attended the Safety Education Leadership Workshop, must provide the Safety Education Organization Training to the entire membership of each organization they represent. You may present this as part of a scheduled meeting that falls before the annual deadline, or create an opportunity to present it to your organization. The attendee will receive the presentation via email following the Workshop, but if you do not receive it within a week, please contact our team at You can access the required presentation and other resources online, as well.

Not Receiving Updates?

The Safety Education Team will receive organizations' Presidents' contact information at the beginning of the fall semester from Hornslink. This contact will receive communications and updates regarding the program. Our team will not be automatically updated if you update your information after we receive this contact list, so please contact us at