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Student Organization Workshops

Student Activities is excited to offer development workshops to student organization members, leaders, and advisors throughout the semester. Topics address elements required to ensure the success and sustainability of student organizations. Below is a list of the workshops we offer and a short description for each.

Live Workshops


Discover HornsLink

HornsLink has many useful tools and features! Student organization officers will learn the basic in's and out's of HornsLink and how to maximize them for their organizations.

Discover Pillars

The purpose of the Pillars of the Forty Acres is for student organizations to learn about the UT Core Values, find creative ways to incorporate them into their activities and create a culture of accountability. Attend this workshop to participate in the Pillars program.

Officer Orientation

As a student leader, it is important to understand your registered student organization's privileges and responsibilities. This orientation is for new officers in existing organizations. The workshop highlights campus resources, university policy, and the Student Organization Center.

Recruitment and Retention of Organization Members

This panel discussion features several of your student leader peers to share what they have learned about recruitment, and strategies for how to keep your members active and engaged.

Student Organization Travel

Any trip done on behalf of a student organization that is more than 25 miles from the main UT Austin campus, or takes place overnight must be registered with Student Activities prior to departure. In this workshop, we'll go through how to report travel, safety tips, and ideas for how to make your travel plans a little smoother and your organization outing a lot more enjoyable.

Online Workshops


Students can learn about writing a constitution, or simply use this course as a reference as they update an existing constitution. Staff will provide regular feedback and advice via discussions and assignments. This online workshop is available to students via Canvas 365/24/7.
Enroll in the Constitution Workshop

Financial Education for Student Organizations

Many students may not feel prepared to set up and manage their organization's finances. In this entirely online workshop, you will learn how to set up and manage a bank account, how to set a budget, and the importance of communication with your organization about finances. Feedback from Student Activities and Financial Wellness staff will be provided through Discussion Boards and Optional Assignments.
Enroll in the Financial Education Workshop

New Organization Orientation

An entirely online workshop that is required for any student looking to start a new organization. Open the first 6 weeks of each long semester.
Enroll in the New Organization Orientation Workshop

Officer Transition

One of the biggest factors that affect the success and sustainability of a student organization is their officers. In this entirely online course that is available 365/24/7 as a resource, you will have a chance to engage with other student members, learn best practices for officer transition, and receive feedback from Student Activities staff through discussion boards and optional assignments.
Enroll in the Officer Transition Workshop

Student Organization Advisor Workshops (Faculty/Staff Advisors Only)

Student Organization Advisor Workshops are tailored specifically for the needs of UT faculty and staff that serve as advisors for registered and sponsored student organizations. These workshops provide various training and resources to help advisors support and advocate for their respective organizations.

Welcoming New Members Training

New member leaders have an influential role in supporting and guiding new members in their new journey within their organizations. In this training, new member leaders will gain knowledge, tools, and resources on how to successfully build relationships and lead new members in this process.

Enroll in the Welcoming New Members Workshop

Please be sure to visit our Leading Successful Organizations page for quick reference guides to help support the success of your organization. If there is a training topic that is not listed that you would like Student Activities to provide, please email your request to