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Peer Coaching Program for Student Organizations


Student Activities created the Peer Coaching Program to help registered student organizations (RSO) with their operations, including recruitment and retention of members, officer transition, and understanding how to access university resources. We hope you find that working with a peer coach will help promote a stronger relationship between your organization and Student Activities in the Office of the Dean of Students. After you spend time with our trained peer coaches, you will have an opportunity to learn ways to grow your organizations and build your presence on campus!

Program Objectives

Who are the Peer Coaches?

Peer Coaches have participated in student organizations or are current members of active student organizations. They can relate to your organizations’ needs because of their similar involvement.

Peer Coaches have been trained in effective coaching techniques and university policies.

What to Expect

Program Incentives

Your organization is eligible to receive one or more of these prizes for active participation:

If you have questions about this program, please schedule a consultation or contact us: