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Indoor Space Reservations

Registered and sponsored student organizations are able to reserve indoor space on campus for events and meetings. Available spaces include more than 100 general-purpose classrooms (GPCs), as well as unique and varied spaces across campus. Student Activities helps student organizations reserve general-purpose classrooms. For general indoor room reservation questions, please email and include your full student organization name.

Organizations in Good Standing

Student organizations must be in good standing in order to submit reservation requests for events and meetings. Organizations not in good standing are frozen on HornsLink. Organizations are frozen for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: having less than three officers, less than 10 members, an outstanding financial bill, failure to complete Safety Education, and/or failure to complete annual registration. If your organization is frozen on HornsLink, please call 512-471-3065 or contact the Student Organization Center at to learn more about how to resolve the issue.

General-Purpose Classroom Reservations

Student Activities will open reservation requests for Fall 2024 (August 26, 2024 - January 12, 2025) at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. Requests for general-purpose classrooms must be submitted through HornsLink (HornsLink Event Submission Tutorial). Only members listed as officers on the student organization's HornsLink roster can submit reservation requests (refer to Positions and Roster to view the Position Templates Walkthrough and Changing Position Holders tutorials).

To ensure that all student organizations have the opportunity to reserve GPC space on campus for their fall meetings and events, there are limitations on the amount of reservation requests that can be submitted. These limitations do require student organizations to plan and prioritize more carefully but maximizes the use of space on campus for all student organizations.

From May 7, 2024 until August 25, 2024, reservation requests are limited to:

From May 21, 2024 until August 25, 2024, reservation requests are limited to:

From August 26, 2024 until January 12, 2025, all additional reservation requests may be submitted. This includes single date, multiple dates and semester-long requests.

Other Reservable Indoor Spaces

Visit  Find a Space to review reservable indoor spaces by capacity or feature. The facilities listed below offer unique spaces popular for reservation. Click the link for each facility to see their reservation information.