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Pillars of the Forty Acres - Frequently Asked Questions

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General Program Questions

   How do I get my organization involved in the Pillars of the Forty Acres?

Contact Student Activities at

   Is there a deadline for enrollment in the Pillars of the Forty Acres?

Yes. Student organizations are only permitted to enroll in the fall.

   When is the deadline for enrolled student organizations to complete the Pillars of the Forty Acres program?

The deadline to complete and submit all criteria is 11:59 p.m. on Monday, February 28, 2023.

   How long does the Pillars of the Forty Acres program last?

The Pillars of the Forty Acres starts each fall semester and ends the following spring semester.

   Can my organization backlog completed criteria?

Yes, the organization can count all criteria completed the summer before the fall semester.

   Is the organization expected to complete all six Pillar categories in order to receive recognition?

An organization must complete three (3) categories to achieve Distinguished Status and six (6) categories to achieve Exemplary Status.

   Do all of my organization's members need to be listed in HornsLink?

Yes, all active members should be listed in HornsLink. Each organization defines what an active member is. Note: If your website, social media, HornsLink page etc. indicates that you have 100 members but your roster only has 31 members, then your HornsLink roster is not up to date.

   Will I be able to alter the roster for my student organizations from semester to semester (since the program is year-long)?

Yes, HornsLink rosters can be updated by the officers of your organization at any time. When logging points, you will often be required to list the names of members who participated in completing certain criteria. These members must be listed in your organizations HornsLink roster. Student Activities will refer to your HornsLink roster when verifying submitted criteria. If these members are not listed, then no points will be awarded.

   My student organization is very large, and it will be difficult to achieve the required 75% membership at each meeting for some of the criteria. How can we participate in the program?

If membership attendance is an issue, your student organization can focus on a category requiring criterion that involve more individual efforts (such as workshops and trainings) rather than the larger presentation criteria. We would also encourage you to utilize the "submit your own criteria" option available in every category.  If you have any concerns, contact Student Activities at

   There are several criteria that require a consultation with Student Activities. Can I discuss multiple criteria in one meeting?

Each criterion that requires a 30 minute consultation to ensure that there is enough time to discuss the topic. If there are multiple criterion that you would like to discuss, you will need to schedule a separate consult for each. You may schedule back-to-back consultations if schedules allow. Please use our Bookings page to schedule a meeting with a staff member using Microsoft Teams. For more information on completing these criteria, see the "Student Activities Specific Criteria" at the top of this page for more details.

   I am the Pillars Contact for my organization. Am I required attend all required consultations with Student Activities?

No, any officer can complete a consultation for program criteria with Student Activities, but we will communicate directly with the Pillars Contact for any updates or concerns regarding your organization completing the program.

If you have any other questions regarding the Pillars of the Forty Acres recognition program, please contact