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Frequently Asked Questions

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Student Organization Center

Is the Student Organization Center open?
Yes, the Student Organization Center (UA9 2.112) is open weekdays from 8am to 5pm by appointment only. Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

When is Annual Registration?
Annual Registration for student organizations took place from April 15th to May 29th. Organizations that did not complete the annual registration process during that time were frozen. Frozen organizations are still able to complete annual registration but will remain frozen until they have completed the process*. Frozen organizations will not have the privileges that are granted to student organizations, such as participating in organizations fairs and recognition programs, or reserving rooms.
To complete Annual Registration:

  1. Go to, and log-in using your UT EID and password.
  2. Go to your student organization's page, and click "Manage Organization."
  3. Click the blue "Re-register this organization" button.
  4. Complete the form provided, and click "Submit."
  5. Pay the $20 Annual Registration fee. This can be paid:
    1. online at Click "Annual Registration"; or
    2. with an IDT from your sponsoring department. IDTs can be emailed to Please include the following information:
      1. Student Organization Name:
      2. Department Name:
      3. Department Staff Member Authorizing Payment:
      4. Subject of Payment: Annual Registration
      5. Amount: $20
      6. Account Number:

  *Annual Registration is not complete until your submission has been reviewed and approved by Student Activities staff and your payment has been received. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

My organization is Frozen in HornsLink, what should I do?
Organizations are frozen for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: having less than three officers, less than 10 members, outstanding financial bill, failure to complete Safety Education and failure to complete annual registration.

If you are unsure if you've completed Safety Education, please visit the Safety Education Check Your Status page to verify. If your organization is marked "incomplete," email Safety Education with the full name of your organization to learn your next steps.

If your organization is marked "complete" please email Student Activities with the full name of your organization to learn how to resolve other issues.

Reservations and Events

Can my organization reserve general purpose classroom space for spring 2021?
Yes, student organizations are permitted to reserve general-purpose classroom space through May 11th. Requests must adhere to the university's guidance for campus events. At this time, campus events with up to 10 participants are permitted, with few exceptions. Please see our room reservations pagefor additional information.

What other indoor spaces are available for my organization to reserve?
Below you will find a list of common facilities that also provide indoor reservable space for student organizations to use. Please follow the link to each facility to learn more about their policies and procedures, and contact them directly with any questions. Note, some facilities may have limited or no availability due to campus operations related to COVID-19.

Can my organization reserve outdoor space for spring 2021?
Yes, student organizations are permitted to reserve outdoor space for spring 2021. Requests must adhere to the university's guidance for campus events. At this time, campus events with up to 10 participants are permitted, with few exceptions. Please see our outdoor reservations page for additional information.

Can my organization table on campus?
Yes, student organizations are permitted to table. They may bring their own table or reserve a University Table (if available). See our tabling on campus page for additional information.

Operating Resources for Student Organizations

How can my organization connect with each other if our members cannot meet in person?
Our friendships and connections are more important than ever during challenging times like these. We encourage you to make plans with your organization to connect regularly using tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. Even if we're not together, we can connect and support each other.  See the Operating Resources for Student Organizations section for a list of resources for engaging with your organization.

How can my organization use HornsLink to stay connected with our members and the campus community through events and meetings?
HornsLink has several tools and features that student organizations can use (some may not apply to your org). We've highlighted a few tools here:

I need help managing my organization. Are there any resources available?
We are here to help, and we know that leading a student organization can be challenging. You can email Student Activities to set up a Zoom meeting and/or visit our Leading Successful Organizations page for resources on the following topics and more:

The Leadership and Ethics Institute is also accepting requests for online workshops for your organizations.

Student Organization Travel

Can my student organization travel?
No. The university has prohibited domestic travel for university business through May 31, 2021 and international travel through August 31, 2021. The domestic travel ban includes car travel. Visit Texas Global for more information about international travel.

Campus Demonstrations

Are students permitted to participate in demonstrations on campus?
Yes. Freedom of speech, expression and assembly are fundamental rights of all persons and are central to the mission of the university. Please see our Demonstrations by Students page to learn more about hosting a demonstration on campus.

University COVID-19 and Spring 2021 Resources

How can I stay up to date with the latest information regarding COVID-19 and spring 2021 planning?
Please visit the university's Coronavirus site for COVID-19 information and resources.

The Protect Texas Together site is the University's hub for fall planning and operations.