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This year, re-registration will be facilitated through HornsLink. Annual re-registration will be open Tuesday, April 8, 2014, through Tuesday, April 22, 2014. RSOs/SSOs that have not re-registered by the deadline will be made inactive.

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FACE AIDS Austin - 3903

Registration Information

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Organization Number: 3903

First Registered On: 09-22-2006

Last Registered On: 04-12-2013

Organization Information

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Status: Active

Purpose: FACE AIDS Austin is about uniting our efforts as students for a greater cause. A cause that has affected every dimension of life. FACE AIDS was founded in 2005 by three Standford Students and it has grown to over 210 chapters across the U.S. in colleges and high-schools. We as students and members of FACE AIDS Austin are apart of movement of mobilized youth to create change, raise awareness, and help eradicate the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Membership: n/a

Functions: FACE AIDS Austin has two main events that we host annually, World AIDS Week and Condom Couture. World AIDS Week is a week-long event raising awareness about AIDS and commemorating those who've been affected by HIV/AIDS.Condom Couture is a fashion show that aims to recognize and provoke thought about gender inequity, global health, and HIV/AIDS. This fashion show entices student participation by challenging designers to create outfits out of condoms. Additionally, we table to sell pins created in Rwanda, and volunteer in the Austin community.

Organization Type: Service

Contact Information


Web site:

Representatives: (Name, Title)

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Prachi Patel , Public Relations Coordinator
Talia Rabushka, Finance Coordinator
Kathryn Wilcox, President
Maham Munawar, Vice President
Lesley Zimmer, Events Coordinator
Mia Ferguson , Education Coordinator
Dorothy Havien, Committee Chair

Campus Office Address: SOC #402


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Each year, registered student organizations self-identify according to the following twelve categories:

  1. Educational/Departmental Organizations promote development in a particular academic area.
  2. Honorary Organizations recognize high-level academic achievement, and generally require a demonstrated interest in a particular career or academic discipline.
  3. International/Cultural Organizations foster cultural diversity and offer support to their members and the campus community.
  4. Legislative Student Organizations Graduate Student Assembly, Senate of College Councils and Student Government.
  5. Political Organizations support political parties, political issues and/or candidates who are seeking political office.
  6. Professional Organizations provide a preview of students' anticipated professional careers. Group activities may include speakers, field trips and volunteer or field work.
  7. Recreational Organizations promote sports-oriented programs and/or recreational activities.
  8. Religious Organizations serve as support for students of a particular religious persuasion or denomination.
  9. Service Organizations provide volunteers for on-campus and off-campus projects. Membership requirements generally include a commitment to work for and/or an interest in a particular cause.
  10. Social Organizations foster social networks among members.
  11. Special Interest Organizations focus on a specific issue or topic.
  12. Student Governance Organizations address student needs and express student views.