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Work Order Requests

Student organizations events have a variety of needs to help make them be a success. Do you need electricity for that guest speaker on Greg Gym Plaza?  What about chairs for your organization's performance on Main Mall? No matter what the need, a work order may be right for your organization. See below for more information and guidelines regarding work orders.  As of 8/1/20, Facilities Services is not accepting work orders for Events and Moving services.

   How do I request a work order?

To submit a work order, an officer of the organization must meet with a Student Activities staff member at least 14 days before to the event. Work order requests made less than 14 days before the event date will not be approved.  Please call Student Activities at 512-471-3065 or use our Bookings page to schedule a consultation. Any student organization request submitted directly to Facilities Services will be denied.

   What items can be requested through a work order?

Below is a common list of items that are available. Note, this list is subject to change. Student organizations should consult with Student Activities well in advance to discuss options and determine if they should explore other options. Facilities Services does not provide tents or sound systems for campus events.

Tables Chairs Trash / Recycling Bins
Electricity Stages Podiums
Non-potable water Custodial Services Sand Bags
   How will I know if my work order request has been approved?

Facilities Services will email the student organization officer 3-5 business days after the form is submitted. The email will say if the request is confirmed, denied, or if more information is needed. The officer is responsible to providing additional information and should respond in a timely manner.

   How much does a work order cost? Can I request an estimate for my work order request?

Work order costs vary depending on the circumstances of your event/request. You can view Facilities Services Rates, Fees, Terms & Conditions page to learn more about the general fees associated with their services.

You can request an estimate but requires 10 business days to be completed, from the time the request is fully processed. Work units cannot create their estimate until all information and diagrams have been provided. Estimates are not guaranteed. They can vary due to circumstances during delivery and set-up. If a change is requested to a work order, it will take an additional 10 business days to receive an estimate. Student Activities recommends that you submit your work order as far in advance as possible to allow time for planning and adjusting your event budget as needed. If you have questions regarding your estimate, email Facilities Services and include your Work Order number.

   Can I make changes or cancel my work order request? Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

Yes, you can change or cancel your work order. It is best to respond to the original confirmation email. You may also submit your request by emailing Facilities Services directly. Depending on when the change or cancellation is requested, you may incur a fee as outlined in Facilities Services Terms & Conditions.

Changes (as of 9/1/19) requested more than five business days before the event, will not incur charges. If a change is requested within five business days of the event, each change will incur an additional $200 charge. Changes requested the day of delivery, or after the initial delivery, each amendment will incur an additional $400 charge.

Cancellations (as of 9/1/19) must be requested at least 48 hours before delivery. Cancellation within 48 hours of delivery will be charged at 100% of the estimated cost. If the event is not cancelled through the Facilities Service Center, and inventory is delivered, the client will be charged for the labor of delivery and pick-up.  Once the event has been cancelled, you will receive a cancellation confirmation email in response.

   How do I pay for the charges billed to my student organization?

If your student organization is paying for the work order, a bill will be emailed to the officer that submitted the request with options for payment.

If a university academic or administrative unit will be paying for the work order, then that unit should submit the work order request on behalf of your student organization. This is the case for many sponsored student organizations.  Please notify Student Activities if an academic or administrative unit has submitted a work order for your organization.

   Will Facilities Services deliver and pickup work order items?

Yes. Facilities Services must deliver, set up, tear-down and pickup ALL requested items. Overtime charges will be added if delivery and pick up occur outside of regular Facilities Services hours (8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday).

   To save costs, can I pick up and return requested items from Facility Services?

No, student organizations cannot pick up or return any items from Facility Services.

   Are student organizations required to submit work orders?

No, student organizations are able to use off-campus vendors for tables, chairs, tents, sound equipment and other resources. Depending on cost, timing or other factors, it may be more convenient to use an off-campus vendor. Many off-campus items do require additional approval to be used and operated on campus. Therefore, it is important to still consult with Student Activities regarding your proposed event plans at least 14 days in advance of your event. Note, our office does not provide recommendation for off-campus vendors for resources.