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Expansion and Affiliation

The University of Texas at Austin is an open expansion campus and Sorority and Fraternity Life (SFL) in the Office of the Dean of Students offers support to expanding and establishing organizations in a variety of ways. To begin the process, please reach out to our staff in order to best discuss your unique details and timeline. Our office supports expanding organizations on campus, however your organization will not be an officially recognized member of the SFL community until you register as a student organization with Student Activities, and complete the affiliate membership application.

SFL affiliate membership assists social sororities and fraternities by connecting organizations with our office in order to provide resources and support. Affiliated organizations and their members receive resources and benefits associated with being an official recognized Greek letter organization.  Most, but not all, organizations will eventually petition to join a governing council community after establishing as an affiliate organization.

Download this info sheet for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

   What are affiliate membership benefits?
  • official recognition as a sorority or fraternity at The University of Texas at Austin
  • listed on the Sorority and Fraternity Life chapters page and in the Sorority and Fraternity Information Guide
  • advising from Sorority and Fraternity Life staff
  • access to Sorority and Fraternity Life funding program and fiscal advising
  • member grade verification and reports
  • invitations to participate in Sorority and Fraternity Life hosted events
  • communications with regional and national organization
  • alumni and long term institutional engagement
  • individual and organizational recognition opportunities, including Order of Omega Honorary Society and Sorority and Fraternity Life Awards
  • campus engagement opportunities, leadership eevelopment experiences, and invitational meetings
  • assistance with petitioning for council membership
  • intake/recruitment assistance
  • support in building a successful organization
   Who is eligible for affiliate membership?
Affiliate membership is available to Greek letter social organizations, registered as student organizations, regardless of whether or not they are governed by a national body.
   How can my organization start the affiliate membership process?
Complete the Affiliate Membership Application. Read the requirements and download all available prerequisite materials before beginning the application.
   When should my organization affiliate with Sorority and Fraternity Life?
The affiliation process is driven by your timeline and initiative. Once your organization has registered with Student Activities, the student members/interests may apply to affiliate with our office. We also understand that you may need to take some time to create and gather the documents that are required to affiliate. No matter where you are in the process, we recommend connecting with us so we can help you!
   How can my organization begin to recruit before being recognized as a student organization?
We understand that an interest group may need to gain a few members before petitioning Student Activities to become an organization, which is the first step of affiliation. Please contact Sorority and Fraternity Life to be connected with the expansion and affiliation coordinator. This staff member will assist your organization with a few room and tabling reservations in order to jumpstart your recruitment efforts even before you affiliate with our office. Once you've gained three members you can apply to be a registered student organization, and will have access to room reservations.
   What is the best way to begin expansion and gain new members/interests at UT?

Many organizations who are new to campus get their name out through a myriad of tactics:

  • table on campus
  • hold info sessions
  • create opportunities for students to get involved, such as a service day or speaker
  • connect with councils to make announcements or be a guest at an event
  • connect with academic areas and request to make announcements at events or send a flyer out on their listserv
  • meet with UT academic and student affairs leaders and ask for recommendations
  • connect with other student organizations which may have related values
  • request other chapters' "no bid lists"
   Which councils can my organization join?
Once your organization has been recognized by Sorority and Fraternity Life as an affiliate, you can begin to petition councils to become a member. Learn more about the council communities by reviewing information online or contact a staff member with any questions. Additionally, you can review their constitutions for membership requirements.