Office of the Dean of Students          

Chapter Advisors

Chapter advisors and other sorority and fraternity chapter volunteers are integral to the success of our undergraduate chapters. Sorority and Fraternity Life values opportunities to connect with our chapter volunteers in person, including the Volunteer Institute and the Facilities Partners Meeting. However, we know that connecting in person is not always feasible for all of our volunteers. We encourage all of our chapter advisors and volunteers to feel comfortable reaching out via email or phone at any point throughout the year. We look forward to fostering and continuing a collaborative relationship with you.

Volunteer Institute

The Volunteer Institute brings together advisors and other chapter volunteers for the purpose of delivering relevant office and university updates, leadership training and development, as well as provide a space for networking and community building. Volunteer Institute happens annually in the Fall Semester. Details regarding time and location will be posted here.

Facilities Partners Meeting

The Facilities Partners Meeting brings together housing corporation boards, house directors, and other volunteers assisting with the management of chapter facilities. The purpose is to provide a space for networking and community building between this unique group. Resources and relevant updates will be shared. The Facilities Partners Meeting happens annually in the Spring Semester. Details regarding time and location will be posted here.

Chapter Advisors Roundtable Meetings

Each semester, our Council Advisors will host council-specific roundtables with their respective Chapter Advisors. These meetings are intended to help advisors build relationships, network, and share best practices. Chapter Advisors will receive individual invitations to these roundtable meetings as they scheduled.