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Community Standards Program

Program Overview

Sorority and Fraternity Life (SFL) created the Community Standards Program to clearly communicate expectations as well as provide a platform for organizations to track their events and achievements throughout the year. This program was designed after benchmarking similar Sorority and Fraternity Life community's expectations, surveying National Organizations requirements, and analyzing existing Good Standing and Minimum Standards programs at various institutions. The SFL Community Standards Program status is separate from any university conduct process and outcome for individuals or organizations.

SFL Community Standards Program

The SFL Community Standards Program places our organizations in one (1) of three (3) categories based on the percentage they receive upon completion of our standards requirements at the end of every semester: Not Meeting Community Standards, Satisfactory, or Excellent.

Benefits of Meeting Community Standards

Elements of Good Standing – Fall 2023 and Spring 2024


If an organization does not meet the requirements of Good Standing the following accountability measures will be put into place:

See a list of all chapters most recent Community Standards Program Status.

Achieved Excellence

In addition to the minimum expectations to achieve Good Standing, chapters can achieve excellence through deeper engagement in SFL and university programs. Chapters can achieve excellence in four different badges, or areas of focus. Chapter that earn badge(s) of Achieved Excellence will be recognized at the end of each semester.

Program Details

To learn more about this recognition opportunity, please visit our SFL Awards and Recognition page.

Tracking the Requirements

The Chapter President will be added to a Canvas class designed to record each SFL Community Standards Program requirement.

Sorority and Fraternity Life staff will record and report each requirement for the SFL Community Standards Program in the grading section of the Canvas site allowing the chapter president to track their progress throughout the semester.