Office of the Dean of Students          

Reporting Options

Survivors and victims of crimes have options related to reporting the incident. Our staff can discuss different options available to students. Each of the options below are independent and do not affect other options.

No Report

You do not have to report the incident to any formal reporting structure. Student Emergency Services is available to discuss possible options when no report is filed. Please note, our unit is a mandatory reporting office, with the exception of the confidential advocate; therefore, staff may be required to report some incidents to the university or police. Ask us to clarify what incidents must be reported.

University Options

If the incident occurred on campus or between individuals affiliated with the university (students, staff, faculty, graduate assistances, contractors), you may be able to report the incident to Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. If it is a violation of university policy, the university can adjudicate the incident.

Police Options

If the incident was a violation of local, state, or federal law, you have the option to report the incident to law enforcement. The location of the crime will determine the appropriate agency to report to. If you are unsure where to report the crime, contact UTPD or APD.

Civil Option

For more information about civil options, please visit the Travis County Clerk's Civil Division.