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Shopping UT Outpost

UT Outpost shopping is currently limited to contactless food pantry pickup and career closet shopping by appointment. These options are available to students who were enrolled during the Spring 2021 Semester. Shopping options for the Fall 2021 Semester will be posted before the first day of class.

UT Outpost Food Pantry

UT Outpost contactless food pantry pickup is currently available by request. Contactless pickup appointments are scheduled in 10-minute blocks. Pickup appointments must be scheduled for a time at least 24-hours after the Contactless Pickup Request is submitted. If an order is not picked up during the selected appointment, it will be restocked. If a pickup appointment is missed, make a new request using the UT Outpost Contactless Pickup Request.

Orders are placed immediately inside the door at UT Outpost before the scheduled appointment time. Orders are labeled using UTEIDs.

Schedule UT Outpost Contactless Food Pantry Pickup

UT Outpost Career Closet

UT Outpost Career Closet shopping is currently available by appointment only. Career closet appointments are scheduled in 45-minute blocks. The UT Outpost may be locked at the time of the appointment while UT Outpost is not open for walk-in shopping. Ring the doorbell if the door is locked.

UT Outpost stocks gently used masculine and feminine professional clothing, ties, jewelry, shoes, purses, accessories and scrubs. Students can select, try on, and shop for any combination of items to meet their needs. Staff are available to help look for specific items and sizes.

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