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Class Absence Notification Request

Please be aware that the link for the Absence Notification Request form has changed. Users will be redirected to a new webpage when clicking “Class Absence Notification Request Form”.

The Student Absence Notification Request Form is intended for critical situations and / or medical or family emergencies. Non-emergency absences should be addressed with your professors directly.

Examples of critical situations and/or medical or family emergencies include:

The following examples are not considered emergencies, and related absences should be addressed directly with faculty:

For chronic or on-going medical or health issues, students will be referred to Disability and Access to register for classroom accommodations, including temporary accommodations.

We ask that you try to talk to your professors before we process an absence notification. It's best to have documentation to verify your situation. For help on how to talk with professors about your absences, visit our Coaching Tips page.

If you have spoken to your professors and the situation wasn't resolved, our office can send email notifications to help confirm your situation. Absence notifications will include general and discrete language to describe the reason for the absence(s). You will be asked to submit documentation before our office is able to send an absence notification.

It will be at the professor's discretion to excuse absences or class work, even with an absence notification from our office. We encourage you to follow up on our absence notification with your professors to arrange making up class work and assignments.

Please Note: Our office responds to online requests within 2 business days. To address immediate needs, contact your professors as soon as possible. It may take one or two days after submitting this form before you receive a response.

Documentation of Circumstances

Documentation is required prior to sending absence notifications. Examples of appropriate documentation include notes from treatment providers, hospital discharge forms, police reports, and obituaries. Submission of documentation does not guarantee that absence notifications will be provided. Additional documentation may be requested at the discretion of staff. Our office will not share details about your absence with professors.

Class Absence Notification Request Form