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Donations and Drives for UT Outpost

Make a Financial Gift

Monetary donations make the greatest immediate impact for UT Outpost, by allowing Outpost to purchase food and student supplies in bulk at times when opportunities for events like food drives are limited. Financial support also helps UT Outpost stay flexible, to adjust operations as needed throughout the year. The success of UT Outpost will depend on the support of our campus community and friends. Be a part of that success by making a financial gift today.

Drop Off Donations at UT Outpost

Food and clothing donations can be brought to UT Outpost. Schedule a donation drop-off appointment online.

Plan a Donation Drive

Before submitting the Donation Drive Request Form:

Donation Drive Request Form

After the form is filled out, please wait for an email confirmation from UT Outpost staff.

Once the donation drive is confirmed, start marketing and promotion for the donation drive:

During the Donation Drive

After the Donation Drive

Donation Drive Theme Ideas

  • Feed 'em Horns – collect food items
  • MEAT the need – canned meat drive
  • Make them Jelly – Peanut Butter and Jelly Dive
  • Vote with Food – during an election time have people vote with a non-perishable item on fun things like: Ketchup vs Mustard, Invisibility Superpower vs Flying Superpower, Ice Cream vs Cake, Watching a Film vs Reading a Book, etc.
  • OU Sucks, But So Does Hunger – during OU week host a food drive
  • Oodles of Noodles – collect pasta and more
  • Dress for Success – clothing drive during a professional development program or donation focused on professional dresses
  • Suit Drive – collect suits
  • Be a Boss – general professional clothing drive encouraging individuals to "be a boss" and donate to the professional clothing closet.

Food Pantry Needs

We need these nutritious foods:

We can NOT accept:

Personal Care Item Needs

We can NOT accept:

Career Closet Needs

We need these new or gently used and cleaned professional items:

We can NOT accept: