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Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency fund exists to provide financial support when a verified emergency has impacted a student's health, safety, or wellbeing. An emergency is an urgent, sudden, and serious event that necessitates immediate action to remedy harm to life, health, or property.

Types of verified emergencies that can be used to apply for the Student Emergency Fund:

Student Emergency Fund cannot support with:

Eligibility Requirements

Awards vary and are based on the availability of funds.

Process and Timeline

The application should include the following:

Student Emergency Services may also be able to provide support through UT Outpost services, Austin Energy Plus 1 Program grants, and facilitating requests to community resources. For technology support, please contact Texas One Stop to discuss financial options.

Reasons for a Declined Application

Apply for the Student Emergency Fund

Other Resources

The Student Emergency Fund is made possible through support from the Office of the President and the Vice President for Student Affairs, as well as the generous donations of Texas Parents, alumni, and the Austin Energy Plus 1 Program. Students, faculty, and staff also donate by participating in Party on the Plaza, 40 Hours for the Forty Acres, and the Hearts of Texas Campaign. Student groups donate to the fund, including Orange Jackets.