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Texas Asian Pan-Hellenic Council (TAPC)

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Texas Asian Pan-Hellenic Council recruitment takes place in both the fall and spring semesters. During the second week of each long semester, TAPC organizations distribute fliers on the West mall and in Jester residence hall. The recruitment period, which lasts an entire week, is intended to simulate the experience of being a member of a TAPC organization, and may include a service project, mixer, or sisterhood or brotherhood event. To receive a bid, potential new members must submit applications and be interviewed by the individual organization.

Please note that each individual chapter is making modifications to their recruitment plans given the implications of COVID-19. Please reach out to chapters of interest to learn more about the recruitment schedule. All recruitment activities must comply with state and local ordinances around COVID-19 safety precautions.

The new member process lasts 8-12 weeks and includes a formal presentation to family, friends, etc., as well as a special ceremony for new recruits to become initiated members of the chapter. This ceremony typically marks the end of the new member process.

Other Things You Should Know

The Texas Asian Pan-Hellenic Council is committed to serving the community and sponsors one service project per semester. Recent projects include working with Big Brothers and Big Sisters and an annual philanthropy week.

In addition to council-sponsored projects, each organization devotes one week to philanthropy. TAPC coordinates "philanthropy weeks" for each chapter. This is an opportunity to bring awareness to a variety of causes such as breast cancer, mental health and bone marrow disease.