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Texas Asian Pan-Hellenic Council (TAPC)

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   What is TAPC?

TAPC stands for Texas Asian Pan-Hellenic Council. The council focuses on scholarship, leadership, service, and Asian awareness.

   Why join an Asian-interest sorority or fraternity?

Joining an Asian-interest organization allows Asian Americans the opportunity to build strong relationships with each other through sisterhood and brotherhood. The sorority or fraternity is not only a support system, but it also provides members with opportunities to serve the community, develop leadership skills and strengthen academics. Each of the organizations that are a part of TAPC has different goals and visions, so there are a variety of organizations to choose from. TAPC is not Asian American exclusive, but there is a strong emphasis on Asian heritage and culture within TAPC. However, each organization is committed to supporting and empowering Asian Americans. No matter which organization you choose, you will definitely feel like you have a family away from home in TAPC.

   What if I want to join an Asian-interest organization that is not a part of TAPC?

There are other Asian-interest Greeks that are not members of TAPC, and there are even some that are not affiliated with the area of Sorority and Fraternity Life. The benefits of joining a TAPC organization are that groups receive support from the area of Sorority and Fraternity Life, as well as access to leadership training and resources. TAPC organizations participate in all official Sorority and Fraternity life events including the New Member Orientation, Emerging Leaders Institute, and the SFL Awards. TAPC and its member organizations also benefit by having a council advisor who is a member of the SFL staff and a full-time university employee.

   When is TAPC Recruitment?

TAPC Recruitment, also known as "rush," at UT Austin is typically during the first two to three weeks of school, each fall and spring semester. During this time, TAPC organizations recruit heavily by tabling on campus (in Jester, West Mall and various events) and holding recruitment events for interested participants.

   Who is eligible for Recruitment?

Participants must be enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin full-time and cannot have been initiated into another single-sex, social Greek organization. Each TAPC sorority or fraternity has different requirements for joining. Some organizations welcome incoming freshman while others may restrict participation until the spring semester. Check with each organization to learn more about its specific requirements.

   What is a bid?

A bid is a formal invitation to join a sorority or fraternity. Bids may be given at any time both verbally and/or in writing, dependent on the traditions of each organization. Potential members may receive multiple bids from different sororities or fraternities, but may only accept one.

   How can I increase my chances of getting a bid?
  1. Attend as many recruitment events as you can to signify your interest in an organization and to let a sorority or fraternity get to know you.
  2. Look into different sororities or fraternities. Don't limit yourself to rushing one organization.
  3. Be positive. Do not criticize other chapters or potential new members.
  4. Get to know other students. Although many students feel more comfortable if they recruit with friends, don't count on joining the same sorority or fraternity as your friends. This is the time to meet new people and find what compliments you best.
  5. Be yourself.
   What are the financial obligations of joining a TAPC organization?

Each organization in TAPC has different membership dues required for all members. Required fees will fund various activities of the organization including academic programs, service activities, alumni events, and national dues. Additional optional fees may include cost of social events, formals, t-shirts, etc. Regardless of the dues, we encourage you to rush each organization that interests you, as all recruitment events by TAPC are free!

   What is Greek Sneak Peek?

Each semester, TAPC hosts an event called Greek Sneak Peek as a kick-off to recruitment. Every TAPC organization will be in attendance in order to showcase their organization to any potential new members. This is a great one-stop shop for you to check out all the TAPC organizations at once to see what they have to offer you. Be sure to "Like" TAPC on Facebook ( and follow them on Instagram/Twitter @texas_tapc to receive updates about Greek Sneak Peek.