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Frequently Asked Questions

I am about to be honorably discharged. How do I get my GI Bill benefits started?
You must apply for your educational benefits through the VA in Muskogee, OK online at Please call the VA education hotline for eligibility or payment history questions at 1-888-442-4551, or visit

I have a parent who is a veteran. How can I receive VA education benefits because of their service time?
See Chapter 35 Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program and Chapter 33 Transfer of Eligibility for Dependents and Spouse.

How long does it take for me to start receiving money from my VA benefits?
The Office of the Registrar certifies students' enrollments to the VA in the order requests are received. After you submit your paperwork it takes approximately 15 business days for the university to certify it to the VA. Afterwards, it takes the VA another 30 – 45 days to process your GI Bill award.

How can I receive my VA benefits as fast as possible each semester?
Please follow the Benefit Certification instructions as soon as you register for classes.

How is the process different if I'm using the Montgomery GI Bill?
CH 30, CH 1606, and CH 1607 recipients must verify attendance on a monthly basis. You can visit and follow the link to the WAVE Program, or call: 1-877-823-2378.

What do I do if my benefits have not come in by my tuition deadline?
You are still responsible for paying your tuition. If your tuition is not paid by deadline, your classes will be dropped. If you pay through other means, those funds will be reimbursed after your benefits come through. Contact Student Accounts Receivable for a timetable on a reimbursement.

What if I have to drop a class?
Remember, a change in your class schedule may affect your VA benefits. After initial certification, all students will then be recertified after the 12th class date at the beginning of the semester in order to accommodate add/drop periods. Frequent changes of schedule can often cause a student to receive an overpayment of benefits that the VA will require the student to pay back.

If you drop a class after the 12th class date, you may have to repay the tuition and fees for that class. Contact us if you have any questions.

How will my military credits transfer to UT?
Your military transcripts are required in your admission application. The University awards credit for educational experiences during military service according to the recommendations of the American Council on Education. Most credits may not transfer.

Can I qualify for financial aid even though I receive VA benefits?
Yes. Apply for financial aid through Amounts and eligibility will vary per student. If you only qualify for loans, you have the option to decline them.

What is considered full time, 3/4 time, 1/2 time, or less than half time?

Please see page 26 of the Office of the Registrar's Veterans' and Dependents' Educational Benefits (PDF).

What if I'm also taking classes at another college?
All students pursuing a degree at The University of Texas at Austin but taking courses at another institution must complete a Parent Institution Form to use VA benefits for those courses. Please stop by the Student Veteran Center for a copy.

Does the VA make me pay money back when I receive Incomplete or F grades?
They might. If you receive an incomplete (grade of "X") for a class and it turns into a permanent incomplete (grade "I") or no credit (NC) the VA requires that the university Registrar report it as a non-punitive grade. Consequently, the VA may determine your benefits to be overpaid for that semester and request repayment from you.

If you had mitigating circumstances that prevented you from attending, please contact our office for assistance.

Does the VA pay for courses I repeat?
The VA will not pay to repeat any courses that are completed successfully. Letter grades of A, B, C, D are passing. Exceptions: Some courses require a specific minimum grade.

Does the VA pay for remedial courses?
VA will pay for remedial courses provided the course has not previously been successfully completed, and the student's degree audit show the course is needed.

I am failing one of my courses. How can I get help?
Contact our Academic Success Coordinator to set up a tutoring appointment.

Can I study abroad using my VA benefits?
If the program counts toward the student's degree plan, and is at a VA approved school, then the student may qualify.

  • Students using Chapter 33 Post 9/11: see U.S. Veteran Affairs Post 9/11 Study Abroad Fact Sheet (PDF).
  • Students using other chapters: Yes, if the course you are taking abroad is required for your degree. You will receive the exact same amount of monthly allowance as you would if the course was taken here on campus. The allowance amount depends on whether you are full time, 3/4 time, 1/2 time, or less than 1/2 time status while studying abroad.
  • Students using Hazlewood Exemption: Hazlewood will only cover study abroad tuition paid directly to a public Texas university.

How do I get in-state tuition?
The student should provide the Residency Office with a letter stating that they intend to become a Texas resident, and also submit proof that they are utilizing veterans' educational benefits.

If you are unable to open the pdf above download Adobe Acrobat Reader.