Office of the Dean of Students          

Longhorn Lingo

The times after registration when you can ad and drop classes from your schedule.

A restriction on your student record (because you owe money, need to see your advisor, etc.) that keeps you from registering.

Bevo Pay
Cashless, prepaid system that lets you buy stuff with your UT ID.  More info.

Big Ticket
The ticket option for UT students.

Could refer to the UT Austin yearbook or the Cactus Café, a live music venue in the Texas Union.  More info.

A cloud-hosted learning management system by Instructure for use at The University of Texas at Austin.

Counseling and Mental Health Center

Bookstore (and more) across the Drag from West Mall.  More info.

Core Curriculum
Every degree includes this: 42 hours of coursework in English, literature, natural sciences and technology, math, history, government, social sciences, and arts.  More info.

Course Schedule
Lists all available classes each semester.  View course schedule.

The Daily Texan
The first college newspaper to produce an online version.

The Drag
Guadalupe St. between Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (MLK) and W. Dean Keeton St.

East Mall
Area to the east of the Tower between Speedway and the E. 23rd St. circle.

Peter T. Flawn Academic Center.  Home to the computer store, computer lab, A/V library, ID Center,
ITS Help Desk, Liberal Arts Career Services, and more.

Flags/Course Flags
Indicates that a course fulfills a content area required for graduation.  More info.

The Forty Acres
The original UT Austin campus was located on 40 acres of land inside 24th, Speedway, 21st, and Guadalupe streets.

Hook 'Em
The UT Austin hand symbol.  Also, the name of the costumed mascot created in the 1970s.  Hook 'Em history.

ITS Help Desk
Computer help; find it on the 1st floor of the FAC.  More info.

Student radio station.

Office Hours
Times when professors and Tas are available to meet with students.

Perry-Castañeda Library.  Main library with a coffee shop, computer workstations, and more.

Peer Advisors
Upper-division students who serve as guides, mentors, and friends.

Prerequisite.  A class you have to take before you can take the class you want to take.

Parking and Transportation Services

Q Drop
The last possible time to drop a class without penalty (or refund), between the 12th and 20th class day.  Approval must be given by the dean.

Registration Information Sheet. Lists everything you need to know to register.

The group of six buildings on the South Mall.

South Mall
Grassy area to the south of the Tower.  Littlefield Fountain is here.

Speedway Mall
Speedway Ave. between 24th and Inner Campus Drive.  Not uncommon to find free food here.

A must-read from your professor.  View Syllabi and CVs.

Teaching Assistant.  Graduate student who assists a professor, grades assignments, and leads labs/discussion groups.

Texas Student Television.

University Health Services.

The Union
Student building by the Drag that's home to the Cactus Café, a ballroom, an underground pool hall, bowling alley, food, and more.

University Teaching Center.  Building just west of the PCL that holds many auditorium-style classrooms.

UT Direct
Customizable online portal where you can pay bills, register for classes, and more.

Electronic identifier.  With your password, your UT EID gives secure access to online campus services and transactions.

Your student identification card, used for Bevo Pay, door access, and more.

During registration, the process that allows students to wait for a seat in a class that's full.

William C. Powers, Jr. Student Activity Center.  Newest student union building with food, black box theater, meeting rooms, dance rehearsal space, study space, and more.

West Mall
Area to the west of the Tower to Guadalupe St.