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Student Organization Conduct Process

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for the administration of university rules for registered and sponsored student organizations. Student Conduct and Academic Integrity investigates and resolves alleged violations by student organizations.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity routinely receives reports of alleged violations of university rules from campus offices (e.g., University of Texas Police Department, University Housing and Dining, Information Technology Services, Parking and Transportation Services, etc.) as well as faculty and students.

Violation Rubric

While each situation is unique, prohibited conduct is organized into tiers. The tier of any alleged violation will determine the resolution process for that incident.

The three tiers outlined below are meant to serve as a guide; the Dean of Students maintains sole discretion in determining which process should be used to address allegations of student organization misconduct.

Violation Examples

Tier 1:
Prescribed Resolution Process

Alcohol Misconduct– Providing to Minors

Misuse of or unauthorized entry into University Property

Trademark/Licensing Violations

Failing to complete sanctions assigned through the conduct process

Tier 2:
Partnership Process

Violation of Local, State or Federal Law


Destruction of Property

Hazing (behavior that does not involve allegations of potential violence or forced consumption of alcohol/food)


Technology Misuse


Disruptive Conduct

Failure to Comply

Tier 3:
University Investigation


Dangerous Materials

Threatening Behavior

HOP 3-3031 Track C Cases

Hazing (any allegation that involves potentially violent behavior or forced consumption of alcohol/food)



Providing False or Misleading Information

Unauthorized Surveillance

Violent Behavior

Animal Cruelty


Facilitating Academic Misconduct

Disciplinary Procedures

The official documentation for each resolution process is detailed in Institutional Rules Subchapter 6-500. Please review this subchapter for specific information on the Prescribed Resolution Process, Partnership Process, and University Investigation.

Student Organization Conduct Process Flowchart

Click on the image below for a pdf flowchart of the student organization conduct process.