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Hearing Process and Preparation

Learn how to prepare for a hearing, how to address pre-hearing concerns or conflicts, what to expect in a hearing, and what happens afterwards. Most students participating in the conduct process do so for first-time possible violations, and these topics can help.

Before the Hearing

Sometimes conflicts or issues arise between when the hearing date is set and the actual hearing. Learn how to reschedule a hearing, how to organize witnesses, how to access evidence, and how to prepare before the hearing.

Supporting Information



Make an Outline to Prepare for Your Hearing

Request a Hearing Postponement

Challenge the Hearing Officer or a Student Conduct Panel Member

During the Hearing

Learn what to expect when your hearing starts and follow the regular hearing process below step-by-step to learn more about each stage.

The Hearing Process

After the Hearing

Review what happens after the hearing, including important timelines for the post-hearing process.