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Student Organization Provisional Return Program

Student organizations removed from campus under either suspension or cancellation may be eligible to return to campus through the Student Organization Provisional Return Program. This program helps groups develop and implement a successful organizational culture that includes a commitment to non-hazing.

Student organizations seeking provisional return must submit the required application materials and agree to complete the nine dimensions of successful organizations as part of the provisional return program. The program includes:

It is important to note that effective completion of the Provisional Return Program will not result in the organization's disciplinary record being expunged, nor will it remove the requirement of specific sanctions that are designed to remain permanent in nature.


An organization is eligible to apply to the Provisional Return Program if they meet the following criteria:

An organization is eligible to apply to the Early Provisional Return Program if they meet the following criteria:

Application Instructions

  1. Review the Nine Dimensions of Successful Student Organizations (pdf) for information about the curriculum.
  2. Draft a written statement responding to the application questions listed below.
  3. Compile supporting documents as needed per the application questions.
  4. Submit the written statement and supporting documents to Student Conduct and Academic Integrity by emailing them to studentconduct@austin.utexas.edu.

Provisional Return Program Application Questions

Please address each question in the written statement or in supporting documents for the application:

  1. Has your organization met all requirements outlined in the original conduct outcome document?  If yes, please provide supporting documentation. If the answer is no, please provide an explanation.
  2. What is your organization's reasoning for applying to return to campus?
  3. If your group is approved for the program, how will your organization contribute or enhance the UT Austin campus community, as compared to the previous actions which led to the organization's removal from campus?
  4. How has the incident that led to this suspension or cancellation impacted your organization, its members, and our campus community?
  5. Describe your group's commitment to working through the nine dimensions of successful student organizations.
  6. Has the organization, any former member(s), or alumni members continued operations, on or off campus, in any manner, during the period of suspension or cancellation in any form?
  7. If provisional return is granted, will the organization include any member(s) that were previously affiliated with the organization? Please explain the rationale for your answer.
  8. For organizations applying to the Early Provisional Return Program, please confirm that the organization has completed at least half of the assigned suspension or cancellation, and describe what modifications to the conduct sanctions are sought as part of the Early Provisional Return Program? Why should modifications be considered for this group?
  9. Please identify the student or students who will serve as primary contacts to communicate with appointed university staff, including their names and UT EIDs.
  10. Who is the advisor(s) identified to help with the provisional return? What is the advisor'(s') role with the organization?

Application Review and Next Steps