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Tejas Scholarships

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Through the Tejas Club, members live a more complete life by sharing their personalities, abilities, and commitment to good fellowship and a high standard of conduct in order to encourage loyalty and usefulness to our school and further good scholarship. This scholarship recognizes members whose service to UT Austin, the Tejas Club and the Austin community best demonstrates the application of these ideals.


Several scholarships of a minimum of $1000 dollars will be awarded in 2019.

  • Dean Byron Fullerton / Tejas Scholarship
  • Judge Zeke Zbranek / Tejas Scholarship
  • Jim Fenner Fund Scholarship
  • The David L. Shull Memorial Scholarship
  • Fleming Fellowship Scholarship
  • Fleming / Tejas Scholarship
  • Judge Royce C. Lamberth / Tejas Scholarship
  • Judge Harley Clark / Tejas Scholarship
  • C. Thomas Behrman / Tejas Scholarship
  • Gregory E. Lucia / Tejas Scholarship
  • Beuscher Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Criteria

  • Student be an undergraduate or graduate student and an active member of the Tejas Club;
  • Students will preferably be enrolled full-time - (12 semester hours for undergraduate students, 14 semester hours for undergraduate engineering students, and 9 semester hours for graduate students). However, the scholarship selection committee may waive this requirement in cases where the student is in the last semester before graduation and a less-than-full-time course load will permit the student to graduate. The requirement may also be waived in other appropriate circumstances.
  • Student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5;
  • Among equally qualified applicants, demonstrated financial need shall be a consideration in selecting recipients

Tejas Club Scholarship Recipients

  • William Osei Acheampong
  • Daniel Madden
  • Eric Jones
  • Reagan Stuart
  • Bradley D White
  • Neil Patel
  • John Franey
  • Jake Steele
  • Henry Youtt
  • Brett Lester
  • Bijan Breland
  • Nishal Desai
  • Michael Johnston, Jr.
  • Ricky Cooks
  • Mohammed Ali Syed
  • Nathan Hwang
  • Jun Tan
  • James Hawley
  • Hasan Syed
  • Jonathan Nguyen
  • Francis Noble
  • Kamal Phelps
  • Daniel Stroik
  • Michael Martin
  • Anuj Mocherla
  • Nathan Richard
  • Joseph Phillips
  • Gavin Martin
  • Aneesh Desai
  • Camron Goodman
  • Drew Curran
  • Keeton Schenck
  • Thomas Cline
  • Cameron J Osmond
  • Cade Stone
  • Andrew Mitchell Bramlett
  • Abraham Flores
  • Pablo Christian Sonen
  • Adraint Bereal
  • Mason Q Schlechte