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Tejas Scholarships

Through the Tejas Club, members live a more complete life by sharing their personalities, abilities, and commitment to good fellowship and a high standard of conduct in order to encourage loyalty and usefulness to our school and further good scholarship. This scholarship recognizes members whose service to UT Austin, the Tejas Club and the Austin community best demonstrates the application of these ideals.

Apply for the Tejas Scholarships


Multiple scholarships of at least seven hundred and fifty dollars were awarded in 2022.

Please note that if you receive financial aid from UT Austin, this award could affect your financial aid package. If you have specific questions about your situation, please contact Texas One Stop.

Scholarship Criteria

Application Questions

These questions will be asked in the application. It is recommended that applicants prepare answers in a word document in advance to avoid the application timing out.

  1. How have you promoted Scholarship in the Tejas Club and in the campus community?
  2. How have you promoted Friendship in the Tejas Club and in the campus community?
  3. How have you promoted Leadership in the Club and in the campus community?