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It's a good idea to learn more about the law and your rights if a potential legal issue comes up. Beyond our consultations and services, these resources for information on different areas of the law may help you prevent or address potential legal issues.

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We provide legal advice and information related to landlord-tenant law for students who may be renting or subletting apartments or other housing. We offer a range of free services, including lease review, dispute resolution, and information related to evictions. We recommend students review your lease with an attorney before you sign it.

Learn More About Landlord-Tenant Law

Austin Tenants Council Project
Addresses requests for help with housing problems. Their programs focus on housing discrimination, tenant-landlord education and information, and housing repair and rehabilitation.

Landlord and Tenants Guide (2019) by Real Estate Center
In Texas, there are statutes that govern aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship. This report discusses the various law as each applies to residential and commercial tenancies.

Landlord/Tenant Law Guide by the Texas State Law Library
Includes a general overview of Texas landlord/tenant law, tenants' rights, frequently asked questions, and a list of organizations who may be able to provide more assistance and information.

Tenants' Rights Handbook (2019) by the Texas Young Lawyers Association
Published by the Texas Young Lawyers Association and State Bar of Texas for residential tenants. The handbook explains many of the questions and potential legal issues in landlord-tenant relationships

Texas Tenant Advisor
Texas Tenant Advisor is a website hosted by Texas Housers. The site provides valuable information about Tenants' rights in Texas.

Landlord-Tenant Forms and Letters

   Consumer Protection

We can help with consumer protection law questions for students who may be facing issues like unfair business practices or consumer fraud. Our attorney can help you navigate the regulations that protect consumers from deceptive advertising, faulty products, and other unfair business practices.

Learn More About Consumer Protection Law

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Helps consumers and businesses make smarter decisions and improve their relationships. BBB handles disputes that relate to marketplace issues with the services or products a business provides.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
A federal agency that publishes resources, including guidance on their  Debt Collection Rule, and can help you understand how debt collection works and what your rights are.

Consumer Protection Guide by the Texas State Law Library
“Consumer protection” is a very broad area of law that can touch all parts of your life. This guide provides general information about Texas’s consumer protection law, called the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The guide also covers specific topics under the broad umbrella of “consumer protection” such as warranties, debt collection, credit reports, and more.

Debt Collection Guide by the Texas State Law Library
Includes information about debt collection practices, relevant Texas and federal laws, agencies who may be able to help, and other information to help you understand the debt collection process.

Federal Trade Commission - How to Spot, Avoid, and Report Fake Check Scams
The Federal Trade Commission works to stop deceptive and unfair business practices and scams, and to help consumers like you recognize and recover from them. This article describes what you need to know about fake check scams.

   Criminal Law

We offer legal support related to criminal law for students who may be facing charges or allegations of criminal activity, however our attorney does not provide representation or advocacy on behalf of individual students. We can help you navigate the complex legal system and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.

Criminal Law Guide by the Texas State Law Library
Covers various areas of criminal law in Texas, including gun laws and cannabis.

Learn More About Criminal Record Expunctions – Expunctions & Nondisclosures
How to ask the court to permanently remove entries from an adult criminal history record.

Travis County Law Library & Self-Help Center – Expunctions
The expunction reference attorney may be able to help you clear your criminal record. This means information about the arrest will be removed from your criminal record.

   Employment Law

We know that the workplace can be a complex environment, and we can help you navigate legal issues that may arise. Our services include advising on employment contracts and agreements, navigating disputes related to discrimination and harassment, and advising in cases involving wrongful termination or retaliation. We also provide guidance on compliance with state and federal labor laws, including wage and hour regulations.

Learn More About Employment Law

Texas Workforce Commission – Employee Rights & Laws
Discover important resources related to employment law in Texas, including how the Texas Workforce Commission handles complaints of discrimination, as well as unpaid wage claims, minimum wage laws, and child labor laws.

City of Austin Office of Civil Rights
A centralized local resource to enforce civil rights anti-discrimination ordinance and federal statutes. – Employment Contracts in Texas
This article published by explains common employment contract provisions in employment contracts in Texas.

Texas Guidebook for Employers – Non-Competition Agreements
Published to help employers in Texas from the office of the commissioner representing employers on the Texas Workforce Commission.

   Powers of Attorney

A medical power of attorney is an advance directive document that names someone you trust as an agent to make healthcare decisions on your behalf when you can't. We can help you navigate this process for yourself (as the principal) or if you are serving on someone else’s behalf (as an agent).

Medical Power of Attorney Forms and Information

Medical Power of Attorney (Texas Health and Human Services)
English and Spanish-language fillable forms to create a medical power of attorney. - Medical Power of Attorney
This article published by explains medical power of attorney.

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