2023 Student Government First-Year Election
Ballot Order and Candidate Statements

  1. Stefano Chaves
    Coming into a school as large and prestigious as UT may honestly be one of the most exciting yet challenging things any young person could do. Navigating thousands of people, rigorous courses, and resources is extremely overwhelming. Although I've grown to love our school, I've also learned that finding information on campus is exhausting. Despite UT being one of the best schools in the nation, it has become increasingly difficult for students to utilize the numerous resources and departments on campus. My mission is to make every single longhorns' experience here on the 40 acres as impactful and enlightening as possible. We can achieve this by making current opportunities more accessible to students and bettering faculty-student connection. As your representative, I will broaden information outreach so that you are able to truly stay in the know with Stefano. Learn more about our mission at: https://www.instagram.com/stefano4rep/

  2. Sara Adio
    Hi fellow, Longhorns! I’m Sara Adio, and I am running to be YOUR First Year Representative! I successfully collaborated with district officials to create and advocate for resources and academic plans within my past school district, and I believe I can accomplish the same at UT. While UT has abundant resources, I believe they’re not easily accessible because they’re not promoted at the amplitude they deserve to be. My mission, alongside Student Government, is to promote and create new resources for everyone on campus especially the underrepresented! Highlighting, free, dispensable menstrual products in all women and gender-neutral bathrooms. Along with campus-wide outreach to students about programs and campus missions that will benefit them, such as the SNAP program. With your fresh perspective, YOU get to decipher what is missing from this campus to fulfill YOUR needs. Empower tomorrow, with Sara today! Learn more: https://linktr.ee/SaraAdio

  3. Chinonso Obiefule
    Sup my homies. My name is Chinonso Obiefule, and as you probably already figured out, I am running for First Year Representative. I am a physics major who is studying nuclear/particle physics. I also like to run a physics channel where I help students learn advanced physics topics. I want to run because physics/astronomy/math majors (PMA) are overlooked by the university, since there are no strong programs tailored to PMA majors. I'll change this by making UT's nuclear reactor (yep it exists) become part of the Freshman Research Initiative. But my platform extends to other issues as well: middle-class students being unable to secure scholarships, the crazy housing prices, and the low pay students who work at UT make. These things will change for the better if I am voted for First Year Representative. Find out more about me and my platform! https://docs.google.com/document/d/11UuwE7TsVAnzmiCytE6nOoyfhmdBEogP-Rne8RBcxhc/edit My YT: https://youtube.com/c/fermionphysics Email me: fermionphysics@gmail.com

  4. Luke Mastrian
    🤘What's up Longhorns! I'm Luke Mastrian and I hope you consider voting me for First-Year Rep. I'm running on the idea of being "taken seriously." As freshmen, it can be difficult for our voices to be heard. I am a Business Student, a Native-Texan, and a DELL SCHOLAR and it can feel like I'm being swallowed in the thousands of Freshman like me. As first-year rep, I want to do three things. A) Freshman need to have accessible spaces to explore career goals, find our purpose, and talk about what our future at UT looks like. B) Amend freshman programs. There is a complete imbalance in UGS courses & housing situations and many freshmen end up in a course they are uninterested in or a space they aren't comfortable with. C) Advocate for interconnectivity between majors. Vote Luke Mastrian, Thank you so much and Hook 'em! https://linktr.ee/lukemastrian 🤘

  5. Kait Boelter
    No candidate statement submitted.

  6. Sophia Hernandez
    No candidate statement submitted.

  7. Victoria Nicolas
    No candidate statement submitted.

  8. Soha Alam
    No candidate statement submitted.

  9. Leah Gordon
    No candidate statement submitted.

  10. Isabella Sanchez
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  11. Eliot Lam
    No Candidate Statement Submitted.

  12. Robert Branch
    Your Voice On Campus – First year Longhorns, I'm Robert Branch; As new students on campus I see the need for a united voice sharing the brilliant ideas and pressing concerns of our class. Should I be elected, I pledge myself to be foremost a listener. My door will always be open to any student on campus. I'll be the most approachable representative in government. In office I will pursue advocacy for mental health resources on campus, a promise rooted in personal experience. A vote for Branch is a voice for you, Hook em'

  13. Alejandra Llanos
    Giving back to my community is what matters to me the most. Being an active member in my hometown, I want to continue my involvement in Austin. Beginning with those like me who are entering the University of Texas at Austin for the first time! I am more than excited to see what we can accomplish together by just the power of our voice. Hearing everyone around me eager about joining student organizations but stressing over the paying of dues, I see that one of the first steps we can take is raising campus-wide scholarships for this cause. This is only the beginning of things we can all collectively work towards, and I am ready to be a listener and showcase the voice of first year students! Instagram: alellanoss

  14. Anthony Nguyen
    As a short Vietnamese kid with two immigrant parents that came over during the Vietnam War, "finding home" has defined my life. Coming into college, it's a common experience for us to feel alone and unsupported. Connecting to the nickname I go by, "Ant," it is not how overwhelming the world can be or how small we may feel at times that defines our experience of the world; it is how strong we are together. Together, let's push to help students more easily find organizations and communities that fit their interests by updating and improving HornsLink and mentorship programs. Let's help students feel comfortable and financially secure here by finding and advertising scholarships around UT-Austin. Let's improve mental health care by expanding wellness center hours. Because Austin is home to everyone. The voting link will be seen on https://linktr.ee/vote.ant  on Election Day. Vote Anthony for the Nguyen.

  15. Sarah Sheriff
    My name is Sarah Sheriff and I am a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. I intend to continue DNI initiatives that ensure that all students feel accepted in their community regardless of their race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or socioeconomic stature. I will work to ensure that students feel safe while in west campus, on campus or commuting from off campus housing. I will work to promote mental health services and accessibility so that students can continue to thrive and accomplish amazing things as UT longhorns. Hook 'em! insta: vote_sheriff

  16. Areli Vazquez
    No candidate statement submitted.

  17. Arshia Papari
    Howdy Longhorns! My name is Arshia Papari, and I'm running to be the passionate, and daring statesman you deserve! I am an experienced political advocate, with political acumen and grit, having personally written and lobbied for legislation on educational legitimacy in the Texas Legislature. I have worked with dozens of political organizations and entities for the progression of our society, especially for students and the youth, and currently work with an ambitious progressive office in the Texas Legislature as one of the youngest Legislative Aides in the Capitol. I am a budding statesman, with the heart and drive to be the unifying voice of strength and progression that our Freshman Class needs! I will bring our campus forth one Texan step at a time, focusing on developing our Education, Opportunities, & Campus Community & Structure. Learn more at https://sites.google.com/view/arshiapapari4firstyearrep or linktree https://linktr.ee/PapariForThePeople

  18. Dakota Johnson
    I am a current freshman at UT with four years of experience in student government, including two years as a student representative. As your freshman representative, I'll put you first in every decision I make. Beyond just the Senate floor, I want every constituent to know I have their back no matter their need. From hearing your suggested policy changes to helping you move, I will always be there to help you wherever and whenever you need me. If elected, I promise to respond to every message I receive and hear every thought possible to accurately represent your position on policy. I also promise to fight for your ideas, turning your demands into legislation that can create real change here at UT. There is no class I'd rather have by my side this year. So vote for me, Dakota Johnson, so that together we can change UT for the better.

  19. Nina Raich
    No matter the major, background, or career aspiration each individual student at UT is bound by a common quality; belief in change. Within each departing class, we are given examples of how to change the world, which makes the aspirations of freshman year both daunting and exciting. As freshmen, we build our foundations to launch our pursuits of change. However, it is easy to feel unstable in identifying the right resources to strengthen these foundations. By electing me to serve you as your first year representative, my personal commitment to academic excellence will accompany your aspirations in every aspect of your freshman experience. My mission focuses on strengthening student relationships with their major departments and creating student career pathways to aid freshmen in choosing orgs. Believe in me to serve you in making your freshman experience work for you and in your favor. Learn more about my mission at @ninaraich4rep