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Downloadable Forms

Please note: If using any of these forms fails to bring a satisfactory resolution to your dispute, we highly recommend that you either visit Legal Services for Students (if you are a currently registered UT Austin student), or that you seek legal advice before taking more serious action (i.e., terminating the lease, withholding rent and/or initiating a lawsuit).

Rental Questions?

Issues Concerning Repairs

If your landlord fails to make repairs, use this Request for Repairs form (pdf).

Move In/Out Inventory Form

Use this form (DOCX) when moving in and out of an apartment/house so that you can prove how you received the apartment and how it was left at move out.

Request Owner's Name and Address

Request Owner's Name and Address (pdf)

Issues Concerning Your Security Deposit

Letter to Landlord Authorizing Emotional Support Animal

You can request a landlord waive their no-animals policy or pet deposit requirements. You must present them with a letter explaining that you have an emotional support animal. This is a SAMPLE letter that you can use to provide your landlord with notice and a written request for accommodation.

Letter from Medical & Mental Health Professionals for Emotional Support Animals

Your landlord may require proof that your animal qualifies as an emotional support animal. You can provide this proof by having your medical or mental health professional write the landlord a letter explaining how the animal supports you. This is a SAMPLE letter that you can give your doctor as an example of what information the landlord needs.

Property Owner Name and Address Request

If you would like to learn the identity of the property owner of your residence, use this Ownership Disclosure (pdf).

Subleasing Your Residence

If you are a tenant and you intend to sublease your residence, use this Sublease Agreement (pdf).

Roommate Contract

If you intend to have a roommate(s) and all of you are listed on the subject residential lease, use this Roommate Contract (pdf).

Family Law Questions?

Consumer Law Questions?

Criminal Law Questions?

If you are unable to open the Word docs above open and view Word docs by using Word Online or a mobile app.

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