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We are excited to offer on-demand leadership development workshops to the 40 Acres community! Workshops range from 60-90 minutes and can be tailored to fit your needs. These interactive workshops are presented by members of the Leadership and Ethics Institute's Student Leadership Team and can be presented by a staff member upon request. Workshop requests must be submitted here at least three weeks prior to the requested workshop date. Workshops can be presented to UT students, faculty or staff. LEI requires a minimum of 8 participants to fulfill workshop requests.

We have launched our next level workshops! The purpose of the next level workshops are for participants to attain a deeper understanding of leadership. Participants will learn how to navigate difficult situations as an individual leader. The next level workshops are ideal for groups of 8 participants or more who have previously attended our educational workshops. These requests can also be submitted here at least three weeks prior to the requested workshop date.

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Open Workshops

Open Workshops are offered throughout the semester to any student at no cost. Dates are listed below. Space is limited. You must RSVP at least three days in advance for these workshops.

If you attend one of these workshops and would like to share the content with your First Year Interest Group (FIG), student organizations, co-workers, etc., please request a workshop on demand. Use the request a workshop button at the top of the page to schedule any of the workshops. We will respond via e-mail and bring the workshop to your group anywhere on campus.

Art of Dialogue

This workshop uncovers the purpose of dialogue through definitions and comparison to debate. To better understand the pros and cons of dialogue, participants will be given the opportunity to learn through practical case studies.

Become an Inclusive Leader

Through this workshop, participants will explore their social identities by engaging in discussion with their peers. Participants will also learn about the connection between inclusion and empathy as it relates to leadership abilities.

Facilitation Skills

This interactive workshop gives an overview of the facilitation process, from preparation to debrief. It provides participants with fundamental facilitation tools and techniques so that they can better facilitate an activity, program, or meeting.

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Leading With Your Strengths

Through this workshop, participants will explore their strengths to build self-awareness and learn how these strengths relate to leadership in both a personal and team setting. Prior to this session, participants are required to complete the CliftonStrengths assessment in order to learn their top five strengths. Codes can be purchased at and assessments must be completed one week prior to the workshop.

Note: Groups are responsible for purchasing the codes and administering the assessment. Information on pricing can be found at However, we will provide open workshops attendees with the assessment code, so please RSVP 3 days prior to the dates listed.

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Managing Conflict As A Leader

This workshop explores the participants' personal approach to handling conflict and ways to productively resolve conflict. Following the workshop, participants will better understand how conflict, when moved through effectively, can lead to personal and professional growth.

Success Through Resilience

Through this interactive workshop, participants will explore the concept of resilience as a skill that is necessary for success. Participants will learn about the importance of attitude when facing challenges and setbacks.

True Colors: Develop Your Leadership Style

In this workshop, participants will complete The True Colors™ assessment to gain insight into their own leadership style as well as how to effectively work alongside others.

Values and Ethical Leadership

In this workshop, participants will learn about their personal values and how to use those as foundation for their decision-making skills as a leader.

Next-Level Workshops

These workshops serve as a "part two" for groups who have already participated in the sessions listed above or for those who seek an advanced leadership experience. Please note, when you request one of the deeper understanding workshops, please provide more context about your group and why you are requesting an advanced workshop.

Success Through Resilience Part Two: Dealing With Failure and Combating Imposter Syndrome

This workshop explores the concept of resilience despite failure and self-doubt, going in depth into the psychological phenomenon known as imposter syndrome. The five different types of imposter syndrome are explained, and participants are given a chance to discuss and learn about strategies for combating each type.

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Inclusive Leadership Part Two: Identity Awareness and Examination of Dialogue

This workshop dives more deeply into the concepts of understanding social identity and inclusive language so that participants can become inclusive leaders and effectively operationalize diversity in their organizations. Participants will be given the opportunity to examine their own identities, reflect on those identities in different contexts, and learn the difference between intent vs impact.

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