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Workshops and Consultations

Looking for professional development, leadership training or personal growth activities to do with your team or group? Our staff will come to you and teach a customized training on the topic of your choice.

Why Host Workshops?


Workshops usually last about 50 minutes and can be scheduled to meet your availability. Please submit your request at least two weeks before your preferred workshop date.

Available Workshops

   Communication Through Connection

Engage in debate and discussion to learn the pros and cons of different methods of dialogue while working with practical case studies.

   A Seat At The Table: How To Be An Inclusive Leader

Explore social identities, areas of privilege and engage in meaningful discussion about the impact of those identities. Practice active inclusion and using empathy for courageous leadership.

   Lifting Others Through Effective Feedback

Explore common ways of giving feedback and practice constructive methods to inspire growth in others.

   Teamwork and Relationships

Learn from each other by practicing active listening, honesty and collaboration for a common goal. Explore how group dynamics and culture can impact success.

   True Colors: Leverage Your Potential As A Leader

Complete the True Colors™ assessment to discover your leadership style. Practice capitalizing on your leadership strengths and learn how to work with different leadership styles.

   Dare To Disagree: How Exceptional Teams Resolve Conflict

Reflect on personal approaches to conflict and learn how to move through disagreement in a productive way for personal and professional growth.

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Leadership Consultations

30-minute, one-on-one conversations with our staff to discuss any topic or factor in your leadership journey.

Email us or call 512-232-5163 to schedule a consultation.