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CoachUT is an opportunity for students to receive free, executive-quality leadership coaching. Participants complete five one-on-one sessions with a professional coach throughout the semester. CoachUT is a unique opportunity for students to focus on growth areas that are most important to them, with a skilled professional as their guide, and at a pace convenient to their schedule.

In CoachUT, coaches will establish a supportive relationship with their students, so that the student holds the power and the coach helps to shape the student's development in a tailored fashion. Coaches almost never give specific advice. Instead, they help students reach their own conclusions and goals.

The coaches in our program are professionals who work with executives around the nation. They work on leadership development with others using their specific education, training, ethical standards, and experiences to help them develop their clients for the better. Although they are being paid for their work, their participation is also their way of giving back to the university and helping young professionals develop their life and goals. CoachUT is completely free for all of our student participants.

Beliefs and Commitments

  1. Leadership is a process, not a position
  2. Everyone has the capacity to lead
  3. Identity influences and impacts development
  4. Leadership results in positive change
  5. Our work is grounded in evidence-based research

Benefits of CoachUT

While participating in CoachUT, students will benefit from:

Program Time Commitment

Participants in CoachUT must commit to completing 5 one-hour long sessions over the course of a semester. Between sessions, you will be expected to apply your coaching conversations to your daily life. Basically, you'll be trying to have greater impact in what you're already doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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CoachUT is currently serving a limited student population, and is not yet open to all students. To find out more about CoachUT availability, email