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Spark Leadership

Spark Leadership is a five-week leadership development program where students will learn about and practice leadership skills in order to create a personal leadership impact project of their choice. Through self-reflection, facilitator support and peer dialogue, students will develop their leadership identity and prepare to lead in a variety of settings.

Why Spark Leadership?

Spark Leadership is designed for students who have leadership goals and interests but don't know where to start. Participants will learn about leadership, values, and how to apply their unique skills to a variety of leadership situations. By the end of the program, students will have a deeper understanding of themselves and their leadership potential.

Spark Leadership gives participating students:

  1. A fully formed personal leadership impact project.
  2. A cohort of peers committed to leadership added to their professional network.
  3. The agency and capacity to take on new opportunities and challenges.


Information for Fall 2022 coming soon!

For any questions, please email us or call 512-232-5163.