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Lead Texas

Lead Texas is a collection of short, concise training and workshop sequences that fit into the current circumstances of the ongoing pandemic. Each three-part sequence focuses on one of five core areas of leadership:

Lead Texas will be available throughout the Spring 2021 semester. There is no planned order to the sequences; they can be completed in any order, or as single experiences.

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After reviewing each of the sequences below, click the sign-up button to select a sequence and view available dates.

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Lead Texas Sequences


A sequence to support active civic participation and engagement. Participants develop a deeper understanding of civic participation, explore personal values associated with community engagement, and learn strategies to build the skills needed to create change in their community.


A sequence to develop skills for building, managing and sustaining strong, productive relationships in student organizations. Participants will learn to consider and respond to group dynamics in their organizations.


This sequence focuses on the development of organization members to grow stronger and more confident together. Sequence topics include leadership transitions and developing new leaders.


This sequence for new and emerging leaders will explore strategies and skills to build confidence in new leadership responsibilities, recognize and understand personal strengths and limitations, and understand how to engage in self-assessment through reflection.


This sequence focuses on building resilience as a leader, as well as ways to build a growth mindset when confronted with challenges. Participants will practice identifying personal struggles, learn to reframe them and build successful paths forward.