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Office of the Dean of Students
Office of the
Dean of Students

Schedule an Appointment

How to Schedule an Appointment

Before scheduling an appointment:

  • You MUST be currently registered at UT Austin for the semester in which you will be advised (check eligibility dates)
  • Make sure your issue is NOT on our list of Excluded Services

If you qualify for an appointment, please:

  • Complete an intake form, either in person at the LSS office or online. After doing so, you may schedule an appointment.

Note: You may schedule appointments up to 1 week in advance.

If you have already scheduled an appointment:

  • Be sure to bring all pertinent documents with you to the appointment
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment to sign in
  • Be sure to bring your student ID

If you CANNOT make your appointment OR will be more than 5 minutes late:

  • At least one hour prior to your scheduled appointment, please telephone 512-471-7796 to cancel and/or reschedule. Failure to do so may mean you will be ineligible to use our services until the next fiscal year.

Appointment Eligibility Dates

Summer 20135/20/13 thru 8/20/13
Fall 20138/21/13 thru 12/20/13
Spring 20141/2/14 thru 5/17/14
Summer 20145/18/14 thru 8/20/14


  • Disputes between currently enrolled UT Austin students
  • Disputes against any of the University of Texas units or entities
  • Non-profit/501c3 and all other tax questions
  • Immigration matters
  • Patent law
  • Medical malpractice
  • Student-owned business related matters
  • When the student is the landlord
  • Complex wills/wills involving property over $1,000,000
  • Phone or e-mail consultation(s)
  • Legal questions pertaining to a matter that is not yours
  • LSS cannot advise you on criminal matters similar to, or the same as, a matter which LSS previously has advised you.