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ProjectLEAD is a project management and community empowerment program for students interested in continuing their leadership curriculum path, desiring to engage in practical skill building, and those who want to gain knowledge about the skills that have been identified as attractive by future employers.

Benefits of Participation

  • Develop practical skills needed to succeed in future career path
  • Opportunity to interact and network with project managers and community leaders in the Austin community
  • Opportunity to identify, propose, and work on solutions to address current challenges facing Austin
  • Exploration and articulation of leadership styles and strengths, and how best to apply them in a career
  • This program also fulfills requirements for the Burnt Orange Society curriculum in any one of the following achievement areas: Civic Engagement, Global Perspectives, Professional development, or Self Awareness.

Commitment Required

Students who join ProjectLEAD will gain professional development skills and will engage with the Austin community through a project management model. ProjectLEAD participants will engage in instructive workshops, community presentations and group project management in both the fall and spring semesters. The primary bulk of community engagement will take place during the spring semester along with opportunities for presenting knowledge and sharing project information with ProjectLEAD participants and Austin community partners.