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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

   How will Safety Education Officer Workshops be offered?

Safety Education Officer Workshops will be offered both virtually and in-person to allow students to select a format they feel most comfortable with. Information on how to RSVP and location information (zoom or in-person) can be found on the Safety Education HornsLink page under events.

Any students in need of accommodations (e.g. closed captioning, etc.) to best engage during a Zoom meeting, can reach out directly to our team at

   Does my student organization need to complete the Safety Education Program?

All sponsored and registered student organizations must complete the program. If your organization is recognized by Student Activities, then organizational leadership must assure that the organization completes the Safety Education Program annually, every fall semester. Check your organization's completion status.

   Who completes the Safety Education Program for our organization?

Your student organization's President / Primary Contact will be required to attend one of the provided Safety Education Officer Workshops, and then present provided content to the entire organization's membership, before the stated deadline. The President / Primary Contact must be a UT Student. An Advisor cannot attend on behalf of the organization. If your President / Primary Contact is not available to attend any session in the fall semester, please contact Safety Education.

If you are a President of multiple organizations, you only need to attend the Safety Education Officer Workshop once each year on behalf of all the organizations you represent; however, you must provide the Safety Education Organization Training to each organization in which you represent. When you attend the Workshop, be sure to list all the organizations for which you would like your attendance to count. You must be listed as the President / Primary Contact on Hornslink for each organization you list.

   Our student organization completed the Safety Education Program last year, will we need to complete the program again?

Every organization must complete the program every fall semester, even if your organization completed the program the previous year. Check your organization's completion status.

   Our President completed the Workshop last year, do they need to re-attend?

Even if the President completed the program the previous year, the President or Primary Contact is still required to re-attend the Safety Education Officer Workshop and provide the Safety Education Organization Training to the entire membership of the organization. This program must be completed annually.

However, if a member is President of more than one organization, that individual can attend one Safety Education Officer Workshop in the fall semester. The President is still required to provide a Safety Education Organization Training for every organization in which they represent.

You can check your organization's completion status.

   Why is Safety Education contacting me? I am not a leader of an organization. My organization is no longer active.

If you are being contacted then you were listed as a leader of a registered or sponsored student organization on Hornslink. Many organizations which are not actively meeting or in good standing, may still be registered with Student Activities. Even if you cannot see your organization on Hornslink, you may still be tied to an organization; it may simply be frozen.

  • If you are able to see your organization on Hornslink, update the organization's roster with the new officer's contact information.
  • If you are unable to see your organization on Hornslink, your organization may be frozen, and you must contact Student Activities to make this change.
  • If you know that the organization, of which you were a leader, would like to officially close and no longer be registered with UT, complete the Inactive Organization Request form (pdf) and submit to Student Activities.
  • Are you STILL receiving information and do not know why? You may be listed for another organization, and it's best to contact Safety Education!
   When does our organization complete the Safety Education Program?

Organization leadership must assure that their organization has completed the two-step process each fall semester. For the 2024-2025 academic year, organizations must complete the program by October 24, 2024. Organizations that do not complete the program by the deadline will be frozen.

While the deadline is in October, it is recommended that you complete this program as early as possible in the fall semester. Safety Education Officer Workshops are first come, first serve; so by reviewing the Workshop schedule early in the semester, you will have the most opportunities to find a time that fits your schedule. Additionally, Safety Education Organization Training must be provided after attending the Officer Workshop, so the earlier you attend the Safety Education Officer Workshop, the more time you have to gather your members for the Safety Education Organization Training. To find a Safety Education Officer Workshop, visit our Hornslink page.

   What should our President bring or prepare for the Safety Education Officer Workshop?

Please RSVP in advance and follow the directions on the HornsLink event to get access to the Zoom workshop space or to find the on-campus location. We do encourage students to give themselves 10-15 minutes before the workshop begins to troubleshoot any technology/zoom issues, if joining a virtual workshop.

   What happens if our President/Organization does not complete the Safety Education Program?

If your organization does not complete the Safety Education Program by the stated deadline determined, the organization will be frozen. This means that your organization cannot reserve rooms, re-register, be recognized by Student Activities, or utilize other organizational privileges throughout the spring and summer.

You can check your organization's completion status or contact the Safety Education team if you have questions regarding your completion.

   Why does the Office of the Dean of Students require the Safety Education Program for student organizations?

As recognized campus leaders and organizations, we depend on you to engage with your peers to shift the campus safety culture. By completing the Safety Education Program, you are more equipped to assist your organizations in this work, as well as, complying with Texas state law (Texas Education Code, Section 51.9361), which requires that all Texas higher education institutions' student organizations complete a curriculum as directed by the statute.