2022 Campus-Wide Election
Candidate Statements

Student Government

Executive Alliance

Edwin Bautista & Addison Ptomey
What distinguishes Edwin & Addison as the best candidates for UT SG Executive Alliance is their former undergraduate experiences at UT Austin, which greatly influenced their decision to pursue a MS in Community & Regional Planning from the School of Architecture. Edwin earned a BA in Urban Studies from UT in 2020 & has previous experience helping students find housing as a licensed apartment locator with Housing Scout. He currently represents the UT Austin constituency on the City of Austin’s College Student Commission. Addison graduated from UT in 2017 with BAs in Government & Psychology. Soon after, she went on to work for the City of Austin’s Development Services Department as an urban planner. Alongside Edwin, she is pursuing a MS in Community & Regional Planning as well a Master of Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Edwin & Addison are committed to ensuring that every student’s voice is heard. Their platform consists of three pillars, People, Planet & Prosperity, which will guide and empower them to Imagine UT Austin! They’ve both experienced numerous challenges as college students. The adversity they faced not only inspired them to campaign for Student Government Executive Alliance, but also envision solutions for the most common obstacles Longhorn’s face. Some of the most pressing issues they’ve identified include: cost of attendance, lack of affordable housing, food insecurity, social diversity & inclusion, access to mental health resources, sustainability & climate change resiliency on campus. As your Student Government President and Vice President, Edwin & Addison will work closely with both branches of SG, SG Agencies, Executive Board Directors, Student Body Representatives and university students to further develop and implement new advocacy strategies that will nurture and support the future generations of Longhorns who will continue to fulfill the University’s commitment to change the world. For more information, please visit: https://edwinandaddisonforutsg.com/.

Leland Murphy & Isabel Agbassi
We want to use the power of SG to advocate for the material needs of all students to administration and restructure the internal budget and workings of student government to provide substantive policies and tangible benefits. We recognize that SG has failed to provide meaningful changes to students in the past and hope to rectify this by instead being intentional about uplifting the voices of student workers, organizers, and the student body at-large. We hope to use SG’s position as “the voice of students” to actively build bigger student coalitions, working with (not co-opting) student organizers to uplift messages rather than reinventing the wheel. By advocating for increased wages, restructuring the SG budget to benefit students, and utilizing the proximity of SG to admin to implement a comprehensive progressive agenda, we hope to create a UT that works for all, especially the most marginalized. Follow Our Socials Below: Instagram: @LelandandIsabel2022 Twitter: @LelandandIsabel Linktree: linktr.ee/bythehorns2022 Grab UT #ByTheHorns With Us!

Samantha Burg & Thomas Vahalik
Samantha Burg and Tommy Vahalik - Running for Student Body President and Vice President to Unite UT. Students from every corner of campus are waiting for needed change to happen across campus, and we have a plan to get it done. Every student should feel safe walking on their university's campus – that’s why we’re committed to adding more blue lights around campus and creating apps that will deliver security to needed students. Safety remains a concern for students on and off-campus, which is why we’ll also work to expand SURE Walk to safely escort students home. With reasonable and necessary efforts like these, we will eliminate the threat of sexual assault within our community, and ensure no student is a victim of human trafficking again. Our campus is a campus for every student. If elected, we will increase ramps and ensure every student can reach their destination with ease. Students also want to live on a campus that is conscious of its environmental impact, and in turn a campus that makes efforts to protect its environment. UT has the resources and capabilities to ensure our buildings are green energy certified – and we’ll make sure it happens. We promise to ensure that our campus will reflect the values and commitments that we hold with efforts like these. If elected, you will have faith in your student government. We pledge to bring transparency to UT’s student government, and lift voices who have been put down for far too long. We promise to listen to you, inform you, and work for you. If you’re ready to unite UT and accomplish these goals, vote Samantha Burg and Tommy Vahalik. utforunity.wixsite.com/burgvahalik Instagrams: @utforunity and @ut4unity Facebook: BurgVahalik2022

Albert Perez & Raymond Vasquez
We have over 50,000 students each with their own story yet all of us chose to wear the Longhorn logo for the same reason - abundant opportunity. Being a Longhorn means being BOLD. We have to challenge the status quo. We have to be new, exciting, and different. We have to act as a collective. Encouraging students and organizations to collaborate only makes us better. We have to embrace the City of Austin. We have to embrace our diversity. We have to embrace our strengths. We have to embrace our opportunities. Austin has the #2 job market in America. Our city is experiencing a golden age of economic activity and we are right at the center of it. We have some of the top talent in the country - we breed leaders, contributors, and hard workers. We deserve to have our names be first on the job list. Let’s seize our opportunity. As a student-body we’re proud to be a part of a university that thinks with an open mind. We come from different backgrounds, cultures, and places yet have been able to create a campus culture that feeds life into one another. We are the generation that knows how to coexist. We want to push you to the career you deserve. We want to share moments with you that will never be forgotten. We want to do things better. HOOK EM BABY PEREZ VASQUEZ 2022

University-Wide Representative

Alexander Feinstein
Rise to the peak Texas, rise. Since I began at Texas I have enjoyed getting to know countless new people and learn about their unique experiences. While I have enjoyed my experience, I feel that it is my duty to protect the integrity of this fine institution and help make it the greatest place for us and those that will come here. In Dallas I served as Chair of the Youth Commission but rather than letting that be the endpoint of my interest in politics, I see it as a steppingstone. I am hopeful that my competitors will also exhibit a similar passion and look forward to hearing about their thoughts at the upcoming debate.

Braxdon Cannon
Hey y’all, I’m so excited to have the opportunity to continue working on Student Government Accountability and Sustainability throughout the next session. Having led the Student Government Assembly for the spring semester, I have personally seen the necessity to change the way in which representatives interact with the student body. As a legislative branch, we need to emphasize the importance of creating positive connections between SG and our fellow students. This year I was honored to be the sole student representative working to write the UT Carbon Neutrality plan. If re-elected, I will continue to hold the administration accountable for advancing sustainability initiatives on campus. Furthermore, Student Government needs to do more to promote such initiatives. I am running for re-election to reconnect the student body with SG, and to lead with a passion for advocacy. To learn more… visit my Instagram: @brax4uwide

Adrian Tristán
Hey Longhorns! My name is Adrian Tristán, and I am running to be a bold advocate for the voice of our entire student body! As one of only four students of color running for U-Wide Representative, I run on behalf of every student who feels unseen, unheard, and unrepresented. As a member of the Student Government Assembly, I plan on initiating bold changes across campus that will benefit all 50,000 of us here at UT. From advancing legislation to add Assembly seats for off-campus, on-campus, and commuter representatives to engaging with various centers, departments, and offices, I plan on being a University-Wide Representative that creates substantial change for the betterment of our university and the students it serves. With your help, we can make one thing clear to administration: Our Voice Matters. For the full list of initiatives I plan to initiate, find me on Instagram (@adrianforuwide)! Hook ‘em!

William Meyer
I believe I would fit well in the student government because I have a diverse perspective as an Economics major with a 3.91 GPA and a member of multiple organizations. Coming from Columbus, Ohio, I was a varsity athlete for 4 years and a team captain for 2 years in tennis and golf. I developed good leadership skills by working with kids from all different backgrounds and having successful seasons. Additionally, I worked at NorthSteppe Realty, a small real estate development and management firm where I learned Real Estate basics, strategy formulation, and implementation of ways to increase efficiency. Furthermore, I am a member of the TAMID Group, a student organization that members learn about investment and consulting basics, participate in stock pitches for the organization’s monetary fund, and consult start-up companies. Lastly, I am a member of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

Ethan Abraham
(No candidate statement provided)

Jerold Holman
Longhorns, for the past year I have shown my ability to serve my fellow students. As an elected representative, I tackled a wide variety of issues facing students. From affordable housing and COVID-19 precautions, to SG accountability and campus sustainability, I have been pushing for better outcomes for all students at UT. I am excited to return this energy and passion again to the Student Assembly so that I can further push initiatives that benefit all Longhorns. Currently, my plans include bridging the gap between students and administration by hosting a campus safety town hall. Additionally, I am committed to restructuring the SG budget to provide more funding and scholarships directly to students. Feel free to check out my Instagram @jerold.for.uwide for more information on my accomplishments and future initiatives! #HornsforHolman.

Inbar Turjeman
I'm Inbar Turjeman and I am running for re-election to be your University-wide representative! As a representative, it will be my utmost priority to make sure students realize what SG does and provide actionable results that touch the student body. During my term, I will also prioritize the following: 1. Make SG more accessible to students: I want to make sure students are updated on Student Government affairs through calendly links, podcasts, and open office hours. 2. Address the west campus food desert: I plan to advocate for Lyft credits for transportation to grocery stores from UT Administration and decrease food insecurity. 3. Support Student Advocacy: I plan to implement a protest board and an easier way to submit policy ideas so that everyone is free to create the change they want to see. Vote for Inbar Turjeman to Get UT Back on Track!

Kevin Roberts
Last year, I promised to advocate for students when I was first elected as Representative in SG. In following this promise, I authored and sponsored legislation that passed to reform SG, a student referendum on the Eyes of Texas, and pushed for tuition reimbursements due to the pandemic. This year, I am renewing my commitment to fight for issues on campus that would benefit the student body, with the experience I gained from being elected last term. In the next Assembly, I will work to make substantial changes to the structure of SG to improve its standing in student opinion and to be a force for good, push administration to improve tuition transparency, and advocate for improvements to the emergency alert notifications. This year, I will continue to put students first and I hope you will elect me to continue to do so! Hook ‘em.

George Brownlow
Making the University of Texas a better place for all Longhorns has been my goal since arriving, and I am running for University-Wide Representative to achieve this goal to the highest degree. I have sought to improve the lives of my fellow students throughout my time at UT as Longhorn Legislator and Co-Director of the State Relations Agency, and as the Vice President of Philanthropy for the Texas Field and Stream Club. I promise to bring the same caliber of leadership and compassion in my service to you as a University-Wide Representative. I am running for financial transparency, financial relief, campus safety, infrastructure improvements, and transportation accessibility. As University-Wide Representative I will use my capacity to legislate for the betterment of all students so that nobody is left behind. To get involved follow my campaign Instagram @brownlow4assembly. Join me on February 28th and March 1st to fight for all Longhorns.

Helen Getachew
One thing being a first-generation Ethiopian-American has taught me is the power of GRIT. It’s the strength that brings tangible change and connects our 50,000+ students on campus, regardless of how tough our issues may seem. Currently, students lack representation, resources, and trust in a Student Government that isn’t as transparent or altruistic as we’d hope. This deprivation will continue to toil away unless WE do something. We need grit now more than ever. As Parliamentarian of the last Student Government, I clearly see the influence our collective resolve could have. I hope to channel my own grit into advocacy for initiatives to honor our diverse population and ensure that YOUR Representatives hold that same spirit for our student body. Vote for me, your prospective University-wide Representative who will reform the role Student Government has for the student body. Learn more at https://www.instagram.com/helen4uwide/

Sterling Mosley
The UT Student Government is broken. I’ve seen first hand the lack of transparency, the stifling, toxic environment, and the lack of communication coming from those in SG. I plan to bring transparency to the organization by forcing the advertisement of pending legislation, I plan to hold representatives accountable, and I plan to bring a new perspective to SG other than the one that has dominated there for years. While there were many times this year when the SG couldn’t reach quorum because of lack of attendance, I will show up to every single assembly meeting to ensure that I represent you. I will work with UTPD to strengthen ties with our police and make areas like West Campus safer. I pledge to speak out on every issue, work with the administration to further student needs, and bring a voice to those who lack representation in Student Government on campus.

At-Large Graduate Representative

Joyleen Sanchez
(No candidate statement provided)

Seth Greenward
My name is Seth Greenwald. I am a current 1L at the University of Texas School of Law and I am originally from a small town in Massachusetts. I'm running for Graduate Student at Large because I believe that I can offer my voice to those groups currently unrepresented on Student Government. Additionally, it seems that in the recent weeks, the General Assembly has run astray from its purpose, proposing legislation on matters that extend far beyond the confines of campus and often into the extra-political. The role of Student Government is not to debate outside political issues-it is the responsibility of the Student Government to advocate for our campus, provide adequate resources to students and serve the student population. It's time to better focus on immediate campus safety, student welfare and career development initiatives. I hope that you will consider voting for Seth Greenwald for Graduate Student at Large.

Kyle Louzoun-Heisler
(No candidate statement provided)

Transfer Representative

Ainsley Cindric
My name is Ainsley Cindric and I am running to be your next Transfer Representative. I transferred to the University of Texas at Austin in the second semester of my sophomore year, and I am double majoring in Philosophy and Government on a pre-law track. I am involved in several organizations across campus, including but not limited to: Senate of College Councils, and She's the first. I decided to run because I wanted to change the stigma around transfer students. When I transferred to UT, I felt like I was already behind before I had even started, and I had no idea how to get involved. Transfer students should have the same opportunities as every other student at the University of Texas and if I am elected as your Transfer Representative, I will work diligently to make sure that no transfer student is left behind because all transfer students matter.

Architecture Representative

Eric Hayes
(No candidate statement provided)

Business Representative

Rhys Claassen
Fellow Longhorns! When I came to UT I was incredibly daunted by the array of opportunities and outcomes ahead of me. What if I picked the wrong choice? I was incredibly lucky to meet a mentor that has guided me on my way. This is an opportunity everyone should have!! Having someone with experience that you can ask the critical questions of, is invaluable. If you elect me I will work to create a platform to connect mentor and mentee. I hope to leverage the experience I gained this year on the SG finance team to make this happen for students of all classes and backgrounds. With your help and your vote, we can continue to change the culture of UT together. Hook ‘em!

Surekha Balakrishnan
My name is Surekha, and I’m asking for your vote to serve as a representative from McCombs! I am a second-year marketing and government double-major. On campus, I’m involved with the American Marketing Association as a Consulting Agency Account Manager, and I am the bylaw chair and an active member of Texas Royals. I also currently work for State Representative Jasmine Crockett. I am committed to equal and fair representation, and as a McCombs representative, I want to introduce policies that promote and expand mental health services, and increase transparency between the student body and the administration. Two key policies I want to focus on will be expanding recruitment resources to make them especially accessible to students that aren’t in large MASOs and ensuring due process and transparency in sexual assault cases. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram (@sur3kha).

Reis Fierman
My name is Reis Fierman, and I am running to be a student government representative of the business school. Each year, you read a plethora of statements promising scholarships, change, or even more sleep. I am here to promise none of those things and nothing specific at all. Instead, what I can swear to you is that I will be your voice! I will be one more person out of over fifty thousand that you know cares about you. I will have your back and want to hear your ideas, suggestions, or feedback every chance I get. You can even text or call me anytime at 404-433-1406 even if you just want to say hi! Who wants to hear more empty promises when you can actually be a part of a movement with people who love this school and make it home for every single one of us.

Communication Representative

Ciara Ryan
Hey y'all! My name is Ciara Ryan and I'm a second year SLH major. I'm running for Communication Representative to better reflect Moody's perspective and voice in Student Government. I believe in accountability, transparency, and working to create an inclusive space for everyone. I want to help communicate the needs of ALL students and create lasting change. Thank you for your consideration and Hook 'em!!

Marlene Weis
(No candidate statement provided)

Danilo Castillo-Hernandez
(No candidate statement provided)

Zachary Mohr
When arriving on campus, I immediately looked for ways to get involved with Moody and the amazing people within the college. With this intent, I joined Communication Council, where I was able to use my voice to advocate for Moody students. Through Council I was able to work on legislation that passed, and work on other Moody specific projects. Now, I am looking to extend this passion for advocating, whether in terms of sustainability, SG reform, affordable housing, or other prominent issues. I aim to be the voice for every Moody student, and to prosper a more effective and efficient Student Government in a way that embodies the ideals of those I would represent.

Engineering Representative

George Coutoumanos
I am currently a freshman in mechanical engineering, and as the engineering representative I would like to advocate for the inclusion of a nuclear engineering degree plan at UT. Nuclear energy is becoming an important field for energy production and is a viable alternative to many other means that yield high levels of carbon emission (even renewables, such as wind energy, produce significantly more CO2 than nuclear do to the construction process). Nuclear energy is actually better for the environment than almost all renewables, because it does not require any form of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are detrimental to the environment due to the means of extraction, and lithium being a toxic element for plant life. Lastly, A&M has a nuclear engineering program, and it would be a shame to be less diversified in types of engineering than our younger brother school.

Fine Arts Representative

Jaxon Jedele
I aim to increase transparency and inclusivity between administration and students in the college of fine arts. I will help make our experiences more understandable and enjoyable.

Law Representative

Saheel Junaghare
(No candidate statement provided)

Liberal Arts Representative

Kennedy Bailey
As your COLA representative, I plan to create internal reformation to allow student government to function more effectively through encouraging the formation of a teamwork mindset that recenters student government on the students it represents. I will implement new legislation to advance mental health outreach to queer and minority students that is structured with their specific and unique needs in mind. I will make student government more transparent and accessible for the students it represents through mandating communication between representatives and their constituents, and I will work towards addressing the representation disparities in our current student government. This starts now with you voting me, Kennedy Bailey, a queer woman, into a position currently held entirely by men. For more information about my background and more plans for student government, please check out my linktree: https://linktr.ee/Kennedybailey

Alison Fernandez
I want the student government to be able to bring accountability & reform within their structures, policies, and student representations. While maintaining uncomfortable conversations and constant communication with student constituents. Creating representations and policies Student government will be transparent and uphold UT Student values while amplifying student concerns in order to create effective reactive policies that will benefit students and create lasting change in our community.

James Hallamek
I'm James Hallamek and I'm a 3rd year government major. I’m running because student government needs a progressive voice that will not only focus on campus affairs but also improvement to the larger UT community. If elected I will advocate for increasing wages and scholarships for all student workers and encouraging sustainable urbanism policy including equitable Interstate 35 reform and increased area walkability. I will also push for increased murals and art installations that showcase UT’s diversity, as UT is home to a multitude of cultures that need representation. I will work to reform the notoriously undeserving mental healthcare system on campus, so students can get the care they need affordably and in a timely manner. I will also advocate for reduced student housing costs by encouraging UT to build more student housing, allowing student housing prices to drop across Austin giving students access to affordable housing near campus.

Diego Collazo
I’m running because I want UT to be as good as I know it can be, and I think that Student Government is the best mechanism to orchestrate that change. My main goals are introducing new academic policy, changing UT’s response to positive COVID tests, increasing transparency from Student Government, making UT more affordable for everyone, and not only promoting diversity; but elevating diverse voices. I think if we take these steps together, we can make UT a better place.

Brian Pena
After talking to countless students across campus, the unfortunate truth is clear: much of the student body has lost faith in student government's ability to deliver for them. While I share that sentiment, I wholeheartedly believe that we have an incredible opportunity to advocate for legislation that has the potential to fundamentally improve the day to day lives of every student here at UT. Whether it’s fixing the transportation system that so many students depend on, supporting student workers by raising wages, allocating greater funds for additional mental health CARE counselors, ensuring a higher standard of transparency, solving the problem of game day parking for students in the garages, pushing for a line by line break down of tuition costs, making it easier to get Covid tested by expanding locations, VDR certifying RA’s to increase voter turnout, and much much more, I promise to fight for a better UT.

Dadrien Whittington
My name is Dadrien Whittington, and I am running to be a COLA Representative. I am a Black Queer person dedicated to service pursuing a degree in philosophy. My platform is all about ensuring affordable housing for students, free parking, mental health, campus accessibility, and SG reform. I am currently the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Chair in LAC and am a leader in many nonprofits focused on voter registration and hunger. You can find all the info about my campaign on my link tree, which is ttps://linktr.ee/DadrienW and you can find all my socials @dadrienforcola.

Julia Flack
(No candidate statement provided)

Natural Science Representative

Alex Gonzalez
(No candidate statement provided)

Joseph Ho-Shing
(No candidate statement provided)

Jacob Villanueva
My name is Jacob Villanueva, and it is with great pleasure that I submit my application to run for the Student Government Board as a Natural Science Representative. As a Representative, I look to make the University of Texas at Austin a place that any student regardless of background can love and call home. I plan to do this by bringing both career opportunities inside the College of Natural Sciences as well as social policies such as advocating for campus safety and the safety of students around Austin. I want to work with school administration in order to allow achievable legislation to not only be proposed, but passed. I will work to make sure that all students not only enjoy their time at the University, but look at all four years on the Forty Acres as some of the best times of their lives. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-villanueva/

Satish Banjara
My name is Satish Banjara, I am a Biology major, and I am running to be one of your College of Natural Sciences Representatives. In a period filled with uncertainties, one thing is certain: CNS, the BEST college at UT, deserves a representative who will work hard to promote unification and compassion. I believe that increasing mental health awareness is crucial to ensuring the well-being of our students. I hope to help build this tight-knit community and make the College of Natural Sciences feel like your second family. As Matthew McConaughey once said, I believe in living in the present and making each day count.” Make each day of your school year count by voting Satish Banjara to be one of your College of Natural Sciences Representatives.

Avery Sinnathamby
Hi y’all, my name is Avery Sinnathamby (she/her)! I am a second-year Neuroscience major, and I would love to continue serving as your Natural Science Representative for the 2022-2023 school year. While science is my area of academic curiosity, I am also passionate about student government and advocacy through legislation. I am rerunning to continue my work in making CNS a more welcoming and involved environment for its students by: - Constructing mental health programs targeted towards pre-health students - Creating more minor programs in CNS - Increasing transparency and communication between Student Government and the student body I hope you will help me in shaping A-very bright CNS!

Pharmacy Representative

Amelia McGill
(No candidate statement provided)

Public Affairs Representative

Walker Adams
(No candidate statement provided)

Graduate Student Assembly

President & Vice President Executive Alliance

Paige-Erin Wheeler & Hannah Berendzen
One of our main goals as the Graduate Student Assembly Executive Alliance is to make the voices of graduate students heard. Our platform is grounded in representing the interests of graduate students to the best of our ability. It is important to us that graduate students have a seat at every possible table. Accordingly, we aim to facilitate increased departmental representation in not only the Graduate Student Assembly but also in university-wide committees and other legislative student organizations. We also strongly value transparency and communication between graduate students and their representatives. To increase this, we plan to reestablish the GSA monthly newsletter and maintain regular updates on the GSA website so information is readily available to students. The past two years have been isolating for many of us. We hope to rebuild a sense of community among graduate students by reintroducing GSA events while being mindful of COVID-19 precautions. While rebuilding cohesion and connectedness in our graduate student body, we also plan to continue the important work that the GSA began in previous years, such as addressing the needs of graduate students with dependents, advocating for affordable housing for graduate students, and considering strategies to help graduate students address grievances and better navigate the power dynamics of advising relationships. It is a privilege to represent our fellow graduate students. Based on our previous involvement in GSA, we feel well-equipped to accomplish these goals and to accurately and sensitively represent the needs of the graduate student body. To learn more about us, please see our profiles on our department websites: Paige-Erin Wheeler, President Candidate https://bit.ly/3Jx0l7q Hannah Berendzen, Vice President Candidate https://bit.ly/3oMtaVF

University Unions

University Unions Board of Directors-at-Large

Steven Garza
(No candidate statement provided)

Isabel Hsiao
(No candidate statement provided)

E + E President

Luz Ramirez
(No candidate statement provided)

Felipe Rocha
I am Felipe Rocha, a Computational Engineering student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have been a member of E+E since my first week of school, and in the three years since, I have made connections and held many leadership positions, including being the current Chair of Showtime. Within my positions, I have advocated for more focus on social media and technology as a form of expanding and improving our organization by reaching more people. If elected, I will use my knowledge and experience to continue this work, as well as advocate for a more diverse lineup of events throughout E+E, with themes that appeal both to the whole student body and specific groups that don’t get celebrated enough. I will work to make E+E a place where student volunteers can feel rewarded for their work, and attendees can leave already anxiously waiting for our next event!

Zion James
(No candidate statement provided)

University CO-OP

University Co-Op Board Member

Cade Young
(No candidate statement provided)

Eric Yu
My name is Eric Yu, and I am excited to announce that I will be running for Student Board Member on the University Co-operative Society Board of Directors! I have a passion for the University of Texas, helping my fellow students, and the kinds of fiduciary responsibility for the work the board does. I am a student at the University of Texas Law School and will spend my summer working for international law firm Latham & Watkins doing private equity, capital markets, and M&A work. I majored in Science, Technology, and International Affairs at Georgetown University. Before law school, I was a management consultant in Washington, DC, during which I consulted on the F-35 Fighter Jet Program, the Columbia Nuclear Submarine Program, and helped develop the budget for Puerto Rico’s Transportation Agency. I hope I get the chance to serve you and thank you for your consideration!

Devon Hsiao
My name is Devon Hsiao and I am a double Longhorn. I graduated from UT in 2019 and am now a first-year law student at Texas Law. I am running for a position on the University Co-operative Society Board of Directors because I want to deepen my involvement in the UT community and increase access to resources for students. The amazing community at UT is one of the reasons why I chose to come back here for law school. As an undergraduate, I was involved in several student organizations including the Humanities Student Council and Women in Foreign Affairs, and I also worked as a peer mentor in the Foundation Scholars Program. I believe that my previous leadership experience on campus makes me the best candidate for this position, in addition to my experience working at non-profits as a former AmeriCorps VISTA member.

Texas Student Media

Daily Texan Editor-In-Chief

Megan Tran
(No candidate statement provided)