2023 Campus-Wide Election
Candidate Statements

Student Government

Executive Alliance

Helen Getachew & William Ramirez
As first-generation Americans, first-generation college students, and the products of working class families, our experiences have shaped the way we view platforms like Student Government. For far too long, marginalized students—particularly grassroots organizers and organizations—have been neglected far too long by student governance, leaving many of us to fend for ourselves. Our campaign acknowledges the lack of accountability and transparency Student Government has perpetuated but also recognizes the potential it holds to amplify the voices of students across the 40 Acres. We believe that Student Government, under our bold and compassionate leadership, can truly create #Tomorrow'sTexas—one where underrepresented voices are at the forefront of everything we do. As an Ethiopian-American and Mexican-American, respectively, our broad & bold campaign pillars reflect our lived experiences and amplify our core values: Community, Accessibility, and Health & Well-being.  We understand the importance of not only creating change systematically within SG but creating change socially and culturally across campus as well.  As an organizer, co-founder of @riseriverside, and advocate for communities that represent him, William, along with Helen—a force within the SG Assembly and a fierce activist across campus—are proud to be running on a platform that centers students' needs. We hope to continue our work in this space and transform it to ensure that on-the-ground stakeholders are finally welcomed too.  For the full list of initiatives we plan to pursue, please find us on Instagram at @helenxwilliam2023. Your voice matters and is the first step to forming #Tommorow'sTexas!

George Boghs & Ana Fuentes
Hey Longhorns! Our names are George and Ana, and we are running to give the students at the University of Texas at Austin something to believe in.  We have observed how the student body continues to be disconnected from its student government through our experience in SG leadership roles. We want to change that.  We are both connected to diverse communities on our campus who have inspired us to serve as bridge builders between the student body and its student government: a powerful tool for positive, equitable change.  We intend to use our platform to amplify the voices of all students, especially those who historically haven't been prioritized in the vision of this university.  From promoting financial aid equity, to expanding mental health services, to increasing accessibility of necessary reproductive resources, our campaign is about making student government something to believe in.  Vote for something to believe in.  Give us a follow and learn more about our platform IG: @GeorgeAndAna2023, Twitter:@GeorgeXAna2023 and at georgeana2023.wixsite.com/vote.

Diego Collazo & Brian Pena
We are running because we recognize that for a vast majority of students, student government is not an institution that they have faith in. While SG has made large strides in the recent year to uplift students, most students still feel left behind. We feel our rent rise higher and higher every year. We realize how hard it's becoming to live at UT without a car. We find it harder and harder to vote in elections. We see that one of richest universities continues to grow but student wages remain below a livable level.  We know that these are the kind of issues that you care about. This is why we have centered our campaign around addressing these real life issues that impact countless longhorns both on and off the 40 acres. While hard to explain in 300 words, our plans include lobbying the City Council to expand the University Neighborhood Overlay to create more affordable housing, push the city to make UT the center of public transit plans, lobby elected county officials to designate multiple polling locations at UT, and utilize existing infrastructure that connects student workers with local labor unions. While these might sound like tall asks, our slogan is Proven, Progressive, Leadership because we have spent the entirety of our time at UT cultivating relationships with dozens of elected officials at the city, county, and even state level. More importantly, we've been working on these projects for nearly a year now, and have already achieved some of them. We encourage you to check out https://linktr.ee/diegoandbrian to see more of our goals, how we're going to carry out these plans, and to see everything we've already accomplished.

Harsh Kumar & Marlene Weis
Opportunity—it's something that we all deserve. Our names are Harsh and Marlene, and we're running to be your 2023 Student Body President and Vice President. According to CollegeBoard, families that earn between $0-$30,000 have to pay around $12,000 per year for an education at UT Austin. Think about that for a second. At best, families who struggle to put food on the table will suddenly lose a third of their income. At worst, their child's education will be unaffordable. UT students are facing a real financial crisis, one that cannot be placated by nice words and false promises. That is why we are working on establishing a university-wide, cooperative education program. The "co-op" program, like that of Georgia Tech or Northeastern, has served as an instrumental door-opener for many students. By allowing students to alternate semesters working and studying, the program would provide an average income of $8-10K per work term. This is significantly higher than the rates at most lower-paying jobs on campus, which many low-income students are forced to take. This program would be a life-changing opportunity for many longhorns—and one we intend to make reality. We've already received interest from several Austin-area companies who are interested in partnering with us. In addition to this project, we are also committed to increasing campus safety, improving student government's accessibility, and leading with accountability and transparency in all situations. We truly believe that anyone, regardless of their situation or background, deserves the opportunity to make something better for themselves—to freely pursue their goals and ambitions, unhindered by financial barriers and institutional inaccessibility. Because ultimately, the students at this university are the people that matter. They are the voice behind Student Government—and they are the people that we're fighting for. Opportunity is for everyone.

University-Wide Representative

Amy DonJuan
(No candidate statement provided)

Josh Gilbert
My name is Josh Gilbert, and I am running to become your next University-wide Representative to ensure that all students have a voice in the policies that influence our lives as students. As a native Austinite, I understand the strengths and challenges that this school has. We belong to one of the largest student bodies in the country, which means that some voices might not feel heard. I plan to engage with the entire student body through social media, workshops, as well as communication with all departments to make sure each student has a say. In addition to comprehensive student outreach, I plan to ensure extensive student safety reform. As a University-wide Representative, I will work with the university to address physical, verbal, and cyber attacks against our fellow students. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to earn your trust and your vote.

Elise De La Fuente
Hi y'all! I am running because I know that our University can do a lot more for us students than it is currently. As your next Representative, my commitment to you is that I will advocate and fight to ensure that our needs are met. I know that this cannot be achieved by one person and that is why through the power of collaboration and consensus we will make meaningful change. I am already working on initiatives such as, increasing voting locations and machines on campus, making Plan B free and accessible to all UT students especially survivors of sexual assault, and increasing student minimum wage to $15 an hour. Your voices and perspectives will guide me in advancing initiatives that will benefit us all. I ask for your vote! For more information visit https://www.instagram.com/vote.for.elise/ (@vote.for.elise on Instagram)

Mathew Abraham
First and foremost, I aim to listen. To serve as an outlet for students to voice their concerns and ideas, I want to make sure that every student is heard. My main initiative is to place collaboration over competition. I don't like how UT has a reputation for having a competitive environment, and I want to change that. By developing and strengthening peer mentor and resource programs that allow students to help other students land internships, job opportunities, and research, I hope to transform UT into a supportive community. Some other goals of mine include increasing accessibility of interdisciplinary research opportunities, pushing for scholarships, and making sure students have the food options they want on campus. UT should be a place of growth and support, so let's grow together!

Esme Aguilar
Hello Longhorns! My name is Esme Aguilar, and I am studying Communication & Leadership! I am a first generation Mexican-American and I am running to be a University-Wide representative because I believe in the importance of transparency, integrity and accountability. I am running to ensure that diverse perspectives are not only listened to but also incorporated in decision making. I am advocating for an improvement through expansion in the University's Mental Health resources.  Long waits in time of crisis are simply unacceptable. This is an amazing university, but let's be honest... there is immense work to do! It is time to step-up and strive to make change for current and future Longhorns.  Diversity is our strength, and I am running to empower all longhorn voices. Hook 'Em!

Carla Lujan
I am Carla Lujan and I am running for University- Wide Representative. To me, being a representative means that you will listen to, empathize with, and love the people you are representing. This is more than a title or a reputation; This is a dedication toward those you care for. As a representative, I would have the goals to administer useful and accessible resources on campus and promote campus inclusion, communication, and diversity. From implementing dining hall to- go options to helping the printing prices. Any change, big or small, I will strive to continue to improve University life. The best part about being a representative is that you are not alone, you have passion from students, fellow representatives, and organizations to guide more initiatives. You emerge yourself into everyone's ideas, determination, and affection towards their beliefs, and to me, that's the most beautiful part about being a representative.

Kennedy Bailey
As a university-wide representative, I plan to approach the new legislative session with a platform of thought-out initiatives. These initiatives fall into three categories mental health reform, affordability, and SG accessibility. In mental health reform, I would like to expand CMHC services to include individualized peer-to-peer support and fight burnout by allowing students to claim two mental health days a semester using existing student emergency services technology. In tackling tuition affordability, I recognize the limitations in what student government can accomplish. I want to approach tuition affordability by creating a platform to connect students with local scholarships. Finally, I want to create a more transparent and accessible student government by using student government as a platform to highlight student activism. For more information please visit my linktree, https://linktr.ee/Kennedybailey, and to see these ideas on campus vote Kennedy Bailey for University-Wide Representative.

Satish Banjara
(No candidate statement provided)

Aditi Kumar
Hello Longhorns! My name is Aditi Kumar (Biology/Business Major). I am running to be your University Wide Rep and hope to reform our UT Austin with your vote! I aim to streamline our resources for reforms like: Changing back our University Slogan, Having Higher pay for Grad and TA Students, Providing a Bike/Scooter lane on the Speedway, Having Free Parking for Staff and Affordable Parking Passes, Working on Grade Forgiveness & Replacement for Courses, Continuous Registration Periods, Less Wastage of Food from Dining Halls, Availability of classes that aren't part of your major, & Student evaluations for administrators/university offices & facilities/staff. These are just some of the things that students answered when I interviewed them on want they want to see changed around campus, and I want to hear and implement many more of your ideas with the help and leadership of Student Government. Your vote counts! Hook'em!

Nabila Sultan
Longhorns, as a student myself, I am excited to announce my candidacy for a position in our student government. I believe that our time in school is an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a positive impact on the world around us, and I am committed to working with all of you to achieve this goal. If elected, I will be a strong voice for student interests and will work to ensure that our voices are heard and our needs are met. I will listen to your concerns, ideas, and feedback and work collaboratively to develop solutions that benefit all students. As a member of student government, I will prioritize all longhorns, and I will work hard to ensure that our school is a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where all students can thrive. With your support, I am confident that we can make a positive difference in our school and community.

International Representative

Minh Phuong Hoang
(No candidate statement provided)

Hemani Goje
I am committed to promoting global cooperation and collaboration in order to address the many challenges facing our interconnected world. My extensive experience working with diverse communities and organizations has taught me the importance of listening to all voices and finding common ground in order to achieve meaningful progress. As an international student, originally on a non-immigrant visa and soon later on a student (F1) visa, I know the struggle of not only the international out-of-state students but also the international Texas residents. I believe there needs to be equity to gap the bridge between international students and normal university activities. If elected, I will help resolve my peerss' issues regarding topics from registration bars to the many major issues regarding immigrant visas, mental health guilt, and other important obstacles that international students, offices, and organizations face. https://www.instagram.com/hemani.forintlrep/

Natalia Reinel-Guevara
(No candidate statement provided)

Tianyi Xu
Hello! Tianyi here, running for the position of SG International Representative. Did you know that international students make up less than 10% of our student body? As an international student myself, I understand the unique challenges and experiences that come with studying in a foreign country. That is why I am passionate about advocating for our community and ensuring that our voices are heard. During my undergraduate years, I held several leadership positions, including serving as the college international representative, leading DEI workshops, hosting cultural events and celebrations, and mentoring students from diverse backgrounds. Now, as a first-year PhD student, I aim to promote representation of students from international and underrepresented communities and advocate for intercultural awareness in academia. As the SG International Representative, I am committed to building a strong community and bridging the gap between the university and international students. Thank you for considering my candidacy!

Azuka Odiah
(No candidate statement provided)

Aditya Prakash
Hey! I'm Aditya, and I'm a freshman majoring in Computer Science. As someone who's now lived in three different countries, I believe that I have the experiences needed to bring a truly international perspective to student government. My most important goal is to have every perspective from the more than forty thousand undergrads enrolled here at UT get a chance to be heard. Student Government here at UT has been responsible for so many of the positive changes we've seen, whether it be the UHS or the muticultural information center, and I intend to make sure that progress continues.

Transfer Representative

Indigo Raetz
Howdy, my name is Indigo Raetz and I am running to be your next transfer representative. I transferred from Austin Community College in the fall of 2021, where I completed an Associate's in Government and was involved in student government as well. As your representative, I will earnestly advocate for expanding online courses and evening classes, to help working students who are already pursuing their career while completing their education. I will never shy from representing any student's opinion, from minutiae about vending machines to theories about the "nuclear reactor" on-campus. In all things, Indigo Raetz will be a representative you can count on to ensure transfer students have the same UT experience that four-year Longhorns have.

Architecture Representative

Gabriela Garza
(No candidate statement provided)

Cristobal Alcantara
Hello! My name is Cristobal Alcantara and I am a BSAS student in the school of architecture. I am running to be your next architecture representative in the forty acres because with my previous leadership experience and blend of my architecture and government studies, I can bring strategies to improve the experience for the students in architecture such as lowering expenses, transportation, food access, school reform, and affordability for materials. For more in depth into my campaign, here is my linktree: https://linktr.ee/cris4arch

Business Representative

Jonathan Wilson
Hi, my name is Jonathan Wilson.  I am a freshman at the McCombs School of Business. If I am elected as one of your Student Government representatives, I promise to invent new ways to make this University a place where any student can thrive regardless of their background. I will work to address the gap in the resources students have access to during their time here. I will identify the problems plaguing students' mental and physical welfare. Most of all I will encourage positivity, inclusivity, and equality on campus.

Adriel Bustillos
(No candidate statement provided)

Communication Representative

Danilo Hernandez
(No candidate statement provided)

Caeleb Bridgins
(No candidate statement provided)

Aaron Sabeti
(No candidate statement provided)

Engineering Representative

Anna Victoria Lavelle
My name is Anna Victoria Lavelle, and I'm a sophomore Computational Engineering student from Dallas, Texas. After a year and a half at UT, I believe I've gotten to know many of the people and opportunities that make our university so great, but I want to help make those even more accessible. Specifically, Cockrell has so many resources and organizations that it's easy to feel overwhelmed. As someone who has felt that firsthand, I want to make finding and taking advantage of these things a little less intimidating. I'd also love to see more tutoring options for higher level engineering classes to help students succeed. Overall, my hope is to make Cockrell and UT a more inviting, encouraging, and motivating space, and I'm excited to see where the year make take us!

Kevin K Nguyen
The JoyBoy of UT Austin has arrived! I'm your goofy, Vietnamese, first generation kid named Kevin Nguyen! I want to provide a voice for the College of Engineering, mostly those who are underrepresented! Your voice matters in every decision made in your college career and life! I want to be able to interact with everyone on campus and understand each and everybody's unique story. This is the time in our lives where you shine the brightest, and I want to be with you every step of the way! Engineering is difficult, I understand. Your mental health, ethnicities, struggles, anxiety, and more should all be heard out and taken with appropriate action. It's TIME to provide a smile on everybody's faces! #JoyBoy :) @dangit.kevin

Diego Hernandez
A working, well-oiled machine has various components that individually serve no purpose— but together— these components unite to effectuate prosperous outcomes. Each elected member of the assembly is an essential component of the well-oiled machine that is the Student Government here at the University of Texas at Austin. Having served on the 116th Session of the Student Government Assembly, I have come to learn that each representative plays a crucial role in voicing the concerns of the student body. As your next Engineering Representative, I know I can make a positive impact on my community by actively listening to your concerns, and advocating for your interests. I will work to harbor a safe and accepting learning environment here at the University of Texas at Austin to ensure each student feels welcomed no matter their gender, race, or sexual orientation.

Resul Ovezov
(No candidate statement provided)

Fine Arts Representative

Jaxon Jedele
(No candidate statement provided)

GeoSciences Representative

William Eagle
Hello everyone! I am a first year Environmental Science major on the geology track. As far as I have heard the Jackson School rarely has representation in Student Government, so I am excited to be y'all's voice in whatever matters you think need to be addressed. Please reach out if you have any specific concerns! You can find me at will_eagle@utexas.edu.

Liberal Arts Representative

Jazmin M Soto
Hello! I'm Jazmin a second year psychology major running for the student government liberal arts representative position. I am running because I want to make a change to issues such as the test accommodation process, attendance policies in class, and limits on how late an exam can take place. I want to work with professors on making sure any required textbook materials can be offered at the Co-op, especially given how many students can only afford textbooks through UT for me. I will focus on the language department and how these classes tend to have the most expensive costs for students.  I am running to make a difference not only with the issue that I have experienced but with issues that I hear students deal with everyday.

Jaitlyn Key
(No candidate statement provided)

Nidhi Chanchlani
My name is Nidhi Chanchlani, and I am running to be your CoLA Representative. I am passionate about creating immediate and impactful change and am pursuing a degree in Psychology and Government. I am heavily involved with the College through my roles as a College Ambassador on the Liberal Arts Council and a COLA Student Affairs staff member as a social media intern. My platform focuses on financial affordability, housing transparency, food insecurity, campus accessibility, mental health, and menstrual product accessibility. I am also involved with the Texas Legislative Session as an intern for the Texas League of Women Voters, whose main focuses are voting rights, public education, gun safety, and women's reproductive rights. You can find more information about me and my platform on my socials, @nidhi4cola. I look forward to building a better future with you and truly making this OUR Texas.

Pablo Rodriguez
As your college representative I will not let fear or other outside influences guide my judgment and will fight on your behalf regardless of how difficult the battle may be. Too many times have I seen student institutions manipulated by the fear and bias that plagues their members. I promise to never give in to these influences and to always prioritize the needs and wants of our college. Having served in leadership positions before, I understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the position and always keeping our priorities straight. COLA needs representatives that will fight for the college without hesitation and I plan to do just that.

Haeeda Mubashar
Hey Longhorns! My name is Haeeda Mubashar, and I am running for COLA Rep to advocate for students who feel their voices have gone unheard. As a Muslim woman of color, I am committed to making our campus accessible, affordable, and inclusive for all students. The key pillars of my platform include: cheaper parking for all students and free parking for disabled students; expanding our current transportation systems for safety and accessibility; and prioritizing mental health outreach and resources for marginalized groups. My other priorities include raising the student minimum wage, introducing affordable on-campus housing, eliminating credit claiming and transcript fees, and improving campus accessibility through safer sidewalks, more ramps, and reconstruction. Every student deserves a fair experience, regardless of circumstance. With your support, I will advocate for these issues and improve the lives of students. Reach New Highs with Haeeda and learn more at https://linktr.ee/haeeda4cola & @Haeeda4Cola!

Benjamin Aguillon
Hey! My name is Benjamin Aguillon and I am a first-year majoring in Plan II, Government, and Philosophy. I am running to be a CoLA rep because I believe that change at UT is not only possible but necessary. Currently I am serving as the Parliamentarian of the UTSG Assembly, so I am well versed on how the assembly operates, and understand how collectively, as a student body l, we can influence our university. If elected, I will focus on issues such as overhauling surewalk and lyft credits, addressing student food insecurity, as well as expanding access to mental health resources through the counseling and mental health center. If you also believe that these issues must be addressed, vote Ben for CoLA Rep! Learn more at https://www.instagram.com/ben4cola/

Isabella Feistauer
My name is Bella Feistauer and I am ready to be your voice as COLA Representative for UT Student Government Assembly. As the flagship university in the state of Texas, UT should stand tall as an example of excellence. I am fighting to make resources more accessible, tuition and housing more affordable, and student life safer for everyone, and I want to do so by working on these main initiatives: 1: Make education more equitable and accessible by lowering the cost of coming to school2: Lower the cost of living on and off campus3: Make campus safer and campus emergency resources more accessible for women

Melinda Wang
Hi Longhorns! My name is Melinda Wang, and I am a First-Year Economics student from Katy, TX running to represent the College of Liberal Arts! I advocate not only for socioeconomic or political issues but also for people – family, friends, COLA, you! Promoting diversity and inclusion, expanding menstrual product access, increasing mental health awareness, and strengthening campus safety policies are some of my core initiatives. I currently serve as the Clerk of the 116th Assembly, which gives me insight into the Assembly as I document the meeting minutes. I also distribute legislative files and reach out to stakeholders! Additionally, through Liberal Arts Council, I volunteer and curiously learn about policy initiatives within COLA. As your fellow COLA ally, I will advocate alongside YOU and amplify YOUR voice! Let's make changes from within the system and create a better UT experience for us all! Check out my Instagram @Melinda4rep

Anikha Guda
Hello, My name is Anikha Guda and I am a first-year Government major passionate about advocating for the interests of the students here. For one, I believe that we need to increase the availability of mental health services on campus and work to remove any barriers that prevent students from seeking the help they need. Another one of my priorities is to utilize Trash to Treasure to build upon the concept of the Outpost system and expand it to clothes by implementing a second-hand clothing bank for students who want a sustainable and affordable way to get rid of their old clothes and change their wardrobe. My final main objectives are to hone in on academic and administrative reforms such as expanding access to academic support services and making menstrual products easily accessible in bathrooms like in the Liberal Arts building. I would be honored to have your vote!

Natural Science Representative

Daniel Colson
Dedicated to making the CNS a better place for all majors.

Ryan Huynh
Hello everyone! My name is Ryan Huynh and I am running to be a CNS representative so that I can continue to serve you all on the 40 acres. From the moment I stepped onto campus, I immediately joined Student Government because helping others and amplifying voices have always been part of who I am. In these past two years, I have both started and been a part of many incredible initiatives that have made a true difference in many of your fellow peers' lives. Some of the ones I am more proud of include advocating for more financial aid on the faculty and administrative level, addressing food insecurity and mental health concerns at the State legislature, and increasing the amount of money in the form of scholarships and appropriations to students just like you. I hope you all will join me in continuing these amazing initiatives!

Jack Greenberg
(No candidate statement provided)

Grant Robinson
(No candidate statement provided)

Cosmo Miyahara
Hey! My name is Cosmo, and I'm a freshman majoring in physics. As a Japanese-Canadian who moved to Austin three years ago, I believe that I can bring a new international perspective to our student body. By voting for me as your college of natural sciences representative, I will first and foremost prioritize your demands and suggestions concerning changes at UT. As for my mission, I support the promotion of the internationalization of our campus in order for students to be able to interact with other college students who are out of state, out of the country, and even beyond our continent! I also believe in promoting the networking of freshmen to upper-classmen, who can wisely guide us to a better college experience. Finally, I encourage the organization of events connecting students from different majors and colleges, which will create opportunities to learn about other students who don't meet often.

Nursing Representative

Goodness Agabi
(No candidate statement provided)

Raeh Corl
(No candidate statement provided)

Graduate Student Assembly

President & Vice President Executive Alliance

Dana Sheinhaus & Nicholas Russell
Dana Sheinhaus and Nick Russell are two first year graduate students in the College of Pharmacy pursuing a PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology. Dana earned her B.S. at NC State, where she conducted research in the field of immunotoxicology, leading her to UT, where she focuses on toxicants and human disease. Outside of the lab, she plays an active role in the community and volunteers with Ronald McDonald House Charities and Big Brother Big Sister. Nick attended Virginia Tech and received a B.S. in both Neuroscience and Biochemistry. There, his research focused on the neuropharmacology of addiction. His previous research brought him to UT where he has continued to perform research in addiction. Dana and Nick currently serve on the GSA executive board as Vice President and Administrative Director, respectively. Their experience with GSA has provided an opportunity to connect and develop productive relationships with university administration and student leadership. These relationships will continue to be fostered into the upcoming academic year and be an essential tool in communicating graduate student needs with the university-community. We aim to both continue the momentum of the current GSA platform and to integrate our ideas of emphasizing graduate student connection to both UT and the surrounding Austin area. We plan to build this relationship through increasing communication with the greater university-community in areas such as student-led organizations, university resources, and off-campus organizations. UT Austin possesses a diverse body of students who each have specific needs that need to be met. We plan to use our prior experience with the GSA executive board, combined with our personal experience as graduate students in Austin, to advocate for the needs of the graduate student body and ensure that our collective voice is heard throughout the university.

Texas Student Media

Daily Texan Editor-In-Chief

Lucero Ponce
(No candidate statement provided)

TSM Board (Moody College of Communication)

Fiza Kuzhiyil
(No candidate statement provided)

TSM Board (At Large)

Shriya Bangaru
I, Shriya Bangaru, am running for the Texas Student Media Board as a member at-large. I am running for this position because I feel that I can bring a sense of balance to the current board to act in the best interest of the majority community. I have lived in Texas since I was 5 years old and have attended local public schools my entire life. As an active member of the UT Austin community specifically involved in engineering and technology area, I have been able to participate in various organizations including diverse groups of individuals in order to understand the issues being discussed globally that matter most to our community.  I look to bring this voice within our community that calls for these issues to be addressed and gain importance and it would be my duty as a member of this board to listen to those voices.

Natalie Halaris
(No candidate statement provided)

University Unions

University Unions Board of Directors-at-Large

Qingyang Li
Hello, my name is Qingyang Li. I am a first-year business student who plans to concentrate in management information systems while also minoring in energy management and earning a certificate in computer science. Because of my expertise in finance and my different leadership roles throughout my first year at The University of Texas at Austin, I believe I am the ideal candidate to join the Union Board of Directors. I presently hold the positions of media director for the Asian Business Student Association, content manager for Texas Tower Public Relations, senior photographer for the Daily Texan, member of the Business Ethics Team committee, and student advisory council for KBH Energy. My experiences in these positions have improved my abilities to lead and collaborate with others. I'm appreciative of the opportunity to apply for the position, and I'd value the chance to join the organization as a board member.

Natalie Halaris
(No candidate statement provided)

Hillary Dang
(No candidate statement provided)

Kayla Masters
Hi, My name is Kayla Masters, and I'm a junior in the Integrated Master of Professional Accounting Program! For three years, I've been a devoted member of Campus Events and Entertainment (E+E). The Union Board is responsible for experiences within the student unions. This means the board is an advocate for students and E+E events. I have held multiple leadership positions in E+E, from a Freshman Leader in Progress to Texas Traditions Chair. Currently, I'm on the Executive Board as Vice President of Budgets. Through these experiences, I've seen how the board functions, attended meetings and presented budget requests. Due to my experiences and knowledge of the Unions, I would be an excellent choice for one of the Representative positions, in which I will be the best advocate for the students. I would use my position to allocate budgets to events prioritizing the student body's diverse interests.

E + E President

Zenith Jahid
E+E houses 10 committees that put on a variety of events throughout the year. Now, it may seem that UT staff are behind each event, but in reality, every event is put on FOR STUDENTS, and BY STUDENTS. My vision for E+E next year is to focus on crafting experiences sparking inspiration, creativity, and energy. This means listening to YOUR ideas and bringing our events to YOU. Below are some of the events your peers are putting on within the next two weeks. Follow @utexascee on Instagram for more details and DM us with your ideas!3/1 - Late Night Film- Pitch Perfect3/2 - Blockbuster Film- Black Adam AND Cult Classic Vacation3/3 - Cult Classic Vacation3/4 - Cult Classic Vacation AND Texas Revue3/7 - All Eyes on Us: Reality TV Panel3/8 - Battle of the Bands3/9 - Blockbuster Film- Bones and All

University CO-OP

University Co-Op Board Member

Sammy Hamid
Howdy Longhorns! My name is Ahmad Sammy Hamid, and I'm thrilled to be running as your representative on the University Co-op Board of Directors. As a UT Austin student, I understand firsthand the importance of affordable college materials and financial support for students. If elected, I'll fully commit to supporting students by promoting academic excellence, increasing access to financial aid, and understanding student needs and concerns. As a board member, I'll represent your voice and ensure that the Co-op is well-aligned with the needs of the UT Austin community. I'll work tirelessly to promote meaningful student input and involvement, and will ensure that the Co-op actively engages with the community to understand and address student concerns. Vote for me to represent you on the University Co-op Board of Directors, and let's work together to support our fellow Longhorns. Hook 'em, Sammy.

Luis Osorio
Hi my name is Luis Osorio, and I'm a 2nd year student at the McCombs School of Business studying General Finance. Throughout my time at the University of Texas, I've held leadership positions within my Fraternity as Head Social and within my Business Development organization as the Philanthropy Chair. From these experiences, I've learned the importance of teamwork, communication, and self-accountability. Now, I'm seeking out another opportunity to implement these skills and continue to develop them. That is, when I heard about the University Co-op Student Director position, I was fascinated by the idea of a team who manages a multi-million dollar business and simultaneously helps fund some of its students' educational needs. If elected, I hope to positively contribute to these educational advancements and help my peers' perspectives be heard. If you have any questions or would like to connect, feel free to contact me @luisosorio._ on Instagram!

Christian Eargle
Hello everyone, my name is Christian Eargle and I am running for the position of Co-op Board of Directors. I am a sophomore Corporate Finance major. The Co-op needs someone who will be confident working with the current directors, who has worked with financial documents, and will be honest about how the Board of Directors makes decisions, particularly involving the Co-op scholarships process. I have been in leadership positions my whole life such as student body vice president and have become comfortable working with people in positions of power. I have worked for Fidelity National Title and worked with financial documents in their real estate branch. I will be honest to the student body about the processes of the Co-op and answer any questions to ensure the trust between the Board of Directors and the students. If you have any questions or want to reach out, my instagram is @christianeargle.

Kamrin Christal
(No candidate statement provided)

Andrew Sherman
Hello UT Austin! My name is Andrew Sherman and I am a sophomore at the McCombs School of Business. I am running to be a Student Board Member on the 2023 University Co-operative Society Board of Directors. Through this position, I will voice my classmate's opinions while having the opportunity to spearhead scholarships, grants, and funding. My experience in leadership, communication, and project management, combined with my academic background in business and data analytics, make me a strong candidate for this role. I am dedicated to using my skills and knowledge to impact and help the organization achieve its goals positively while bringing fresh perspectives and driving results. If you're looking for a passionate member of UT to represent you, make sure to cast your vote for Sherman on February 27th-28th!! Please feel free to contact me @: AndrewSherman4Coop@gmail.com

Emma Guan
Hi y'all! I am so excited to be running for the Co-Op Board! To me, serving in this position represents an opportunity for students to have more of a voice in the Co-Op, which represents the UT community. During my time at UT, I've met so many amazing people who have all taught me so much. I've been part of the executive board for Minority Women Pursuing Law, and I am also so proud to be a member of Texas Lassos! The thing I love most about being a part of these communities is that they have exposed me to so many passionate, talented people. I want to showcase these amazing members of the UT community through the Co-Op Board by advocating for student art in official merch, giving a larger section of the store to student-run small businesses, and promoting the Co-Op scholarships to a wider range of students!