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UPC Fall Recruitment Schedule

Below is an updated schedule for Recruitment 2020. This daily schedule will be updated throughout the summer with exact times and round information.

**Event start times are subject to change**
**Click on the links in the calendar to jump down the page for an event description.**

August 2020 Schedule

Bid Day
Hybrid Event




2020 Schedule

  • Event start times are subject to change
  • Click on the links in the calendar to jump down the page for an event description.

August 17

Opening Convocation
Virtual Session

August 18

Open House

August 19

Philanthropy Round

August 20

Philanthropy Round

August 21

Sisterhood Round

August 22

Sisterhood Round

August 23

Preference Round

August 24

Bid Day
Hybrid Event

August 26


Event Details and Suggested Attire

Learn more about the changes to Recruitment 2020.

Opening Convocation

Monday, August 17
Virtual Zoom Meeting


Opening Convocation is a required meeting for all potential new members (PNMs) and serves as an orientation to recruitment week. It is also the time where potential new members will meet their recruitment guides and the Panhellenic recruitment team, who will guide them through the week. PNMs will receive their t-shirts for the Open House rounds at this orientation.

Attire: Convocation is casual and does not involve any sorority women, other than the Panhellenic officers and recruitment guides.

Open House

Tuesday, August 18
Virtual Event via Zoom

This round of events is focused on the importance and excitement of going the Panhellenic community. PNMs will view introductory videos about each chapter via the Canvas platform on this day.

Attire: Not applicable as PNMs will view videos and there is no live element to the event.

Philanthropy Round

(Up to 10 events, 2 days), Wednesday, August 19 and Thursday August, 20
Virtual Event via Zoom

This round of events is focused on community service and philanthropy. You will attend up to ten events via Zoom lasting 30 minutes each. At each chapter, you learn about the local and national philanthropic organizations each chapter supports and ways they are involved in the community.

Attire: Please wear a UT T-shirt and whatever comfortable bottoms you would like. In Zoom calls only your top will be visible.

Sisterhood Round

(Up to 6 events, 2 days), Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22
Virtual Event via Zoom

This round of events is focused on learning about sisterhood. You will visit up to six events via Zoom lasting 35 minutes each. Each chapter will showcase their personality and values and what makes their sisterhood special.

Attire: A nice blouse or daytime dress. In Zoom only your top is visible so feel to be comfy with your bottoms! (sweatpants, leggings, shorts etc.)

Preference Round

(UP to 2 events, 1 evening), Sunday, August 23
Virtual Event via Zoom

A PNM may attend up to two events for 50 minutes each. These events focus on the deepest aspects of sorority life, including sisterhood, friendship and ritual. This is your last chance to interact with chapter members.

ttire: Cocktail attire (dress, jumpsuit, or similar top/blouse). This outfit can be any color, it does not have to be black.

Bid Day

Monday, August 24
Format TBD, Most likely virtual

The format of Bid Day is still being planned. Please check this page for further updates.

Attire: TBD