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Frequently Asked NPHC Questions

What is NPHC?
The National Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body for the historically African-American sororities and fraternities at The University of Texas at Austin. NPHC emerged in an effort for African-American collegiate fraternities and sororities to participate co-actively in the spirit of unity. Our interest together reflect a duty toward both racial uplift and African-American solidarity upon which the National Pan-Hellenic Council and our organization were founded. Nationally NPHC was founded on May 10, 1930 and The University of Texas NPHC was charted in 1965.

What is Membership Intake?
Membership Intake is the process of selecting, educating and initiating new members into an NPHC chapter. This process is prescribed by the National organization and guided by alumni/ae advisors. For many of our organizations this is a 3-6 week process that is concluded with a new member presentation to reveal its newest members to campus. In order to be considered for membership intake you must have completed the specific organization application, submitted the membership fees along with having 12 hours of completed course work.

What organizations are a part of NPHC on this campus?



I want to join an NPHC chapter. What do I do?
NPHC chapters typically have intake during the fall and spring semester and to be eligible for membership intake you have to have a minimum of 12 hours of completed coursework at UT. The specific requirements for each organization vary. Review out their websites, both local and national for more detailed information about the organization you are interested in joining. Interested students are encouraged to have a record of community service and campus involvement.

How else can I get my questions answered about NPHC?
Each semester, NPHC hosts their signature event "Meet the Greeks." This informative program introduces students who are interested in learning more about the Divine Nine organizations on campus. Throughout the program students are encouraged to ask questions and engage with the chapters as well. For more information, you should contact the NPHC President at or you can reach out to the Sorority and Fraternity Life office at

What is the GPA requirement to be a member of an NPHC organization?


(all GPA averages are based on a 4.0 scale)

The GPA requirements listed above are the minimum standards set by the national organization. It is not uncommon, however, for the individual chapters at UT to look for students whose GPAs are higher than the minimum national requirement.