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Cultural Consciousness

At The University of Texas at Austin, we are dedicated to attracting highly-qualified students, faculty, and staff of all races, ethnicities, peoples, nationalities, religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, socioeconomic statuses, disabilities, and health histories, regardless of their marital, parental, age, veteran, or citizenship status.

Our mission in Sorority and Fraternity Life is to shape a values-based sorority and fraternity experience. We cultivate educational and leadership development, in collaboration with individuals and organizations, to foster a culturally consciousness, safe and responsible community contributing to a positive sisterhood, brotherhood and siblinghood.

Cultural consciousness represents an individual's recognition, respect and tolerance demonstrated toward other cultures including their own culture. Additionally, it can be defined as the process of developing awareness of cultures, which results in the expansion of understanding and a deeper knowledge and appreciation for context and individual experiences.

Our council communities and chapters have been committed to this work in a variety of ways such as creating actionable statements, donating time and money to social justice efforts and through educating their community members and the larger UT community.

As an office, it is our belief that the initiatives outlined below support our office's commitment to cultural consciousness. We have categorized these initiatives into three categories: Education, Service and Awareness

Cultural Consciousness Categories


Service / Philanthropy


Campus Resources