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Campus Policies

Student organizations have the privilege of using facilities, hosting speakers and public performances, raising funds and distributing literature on campus. One of the most important benefits of being a student organization is access to the staff in Student Activities for assistance in program planning, risk management, conflict resolution, fundraising and other issues related to student organizations.

There are many rewards for students who engage in student organization activities. First, student organizations add an important component to campus life by providing an outlet for the student voice to be heard and a vehicle for students to have a substantial impact on campus. Secondly, students gain valuable experience in the practical aspects of leadership, communication, risk management and teamwork. Finally, students who are involved on campus are more likely to be successful in college and to gain more from their time at The University of Texas at Austin. For these reasons and more, we would like to congratulate you on your good decision to get involved and make a difference at The University of Texas at Austin.