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MasculinUT was launched in 2015 as a program to help reduce sexual assault and interpersonal violence, with strategies specifically tailored to men. In spring 2017, UT Austin and the UT System released the results of a sexual assault and interpersonal violence survey that confirmed the need for this type of strategy and approach. The data collected through the Cultivating Learning and Safe Environments (CLASE) survey found that sexual assault and interpersonal violence raise serious issues that affect our university community. These concerns deserve the university's focus, including the need to engage men in discussions about masculinity as one tool to prevent violence.

Following inquiries about MasculinUT's intent last spring, the program's original steering committee was reconvened and expanded to provide recommendations and feedback to ensure that the program's mission is clearly defined and fully aligned with its original intent of reducing sexual assault and interpersonal violence.

Based on the recommendations and feedback from this committee, next steps include this shift from the Counseling and Mental Health Center to the Office of the Dean of Students. As the program is redeveloped, this page will be updated.