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Pathways to Leadership

Pathways to Leadership is a low-commitment, highly-focused, and continuously available program series open to students based on their time and interest. Students, in small groups of eight to 10, will engage in three, 75-minute staff-facilitated sessions focused on a specific approach to leadership.

Why Pathways to Leadership?

Each program series in Pathways to Leadership offers students an opportunity to grow their understanding of a specific approach to leadership by exploring these topics in depth over three weeks.

Participants will gain:


Participants should plan for three 75-minutes sessions per topic, scheduled over three weeks. Additional time commitments only apply if a participant chooses more than one Pathways to Leadership series.


Fall dates will be published in June.

Participants can register for each of five program series:

Strengths-Based Leadership

A strengths-based approach to leadership development focuses on recognizing a person's personal strengths and then developing strategies to leverage those strengths towards success. Participants in the Strengths-Based Leadership Pathway will have an opportunity to complete the Clifton StrengthsQuest Assessment, explore what their top 5 strength themes say about them as a leader, and learn effective strategies on how build a successful strengths-based leadership practice.

Inclusive Leadership

Developing one's capacity for inclusive leadership allows for an empathetic, understanding, and culturally responsive approach to creating change and supporting others as a leader. During the Inclusive Leadership Pathways, participants will address what it means to be an inclusive leader through recognizing bias, and understanding the relationship of inclusivity to diversity, equity, and accessibility. Participants will also learn key tenets of inclusive language, and strategies for how to practice inclusivity as a leader.

Building Leadership Confidence

Confidence is the foundation for successful leaders, but may not come naturally to everyone. In the Building Leadership Confidence Pathway, participants will learn how self-efficacy and imposter syndrome can impact self-confidence. Each session will guide students to create unique strategies to build their confidence through highly engaging group activities and personal reflection.

Impactful Team Leadership

A good leader is able to bring out the best abilities of their team, regardless of holding a position or title. Being prepared to lead others can turn regular teams into impactful teams. During the Impactful Team Leadership Pathways, participants will be able to learn how to utilize many key approaches to leading a group, ways to identify how members of a group are motivated, and leadership styles that can be adapted and used in different settings.

Everyday Leadership

The subtle, and every day decisions we make as leaders are just as, if not more, important than the grand actions many associate with being a "good leader". In fact, grand actions are actually made up of many everyday actions, connected together to make a larger impact. During the Everyday Leadership Pathways, participants will be able to name and leverage their everyday leadership behaviors, develop strategies to combat challenges that arise when practicing everyday leadership, and use the 4 P process to improve their everyday leadership skills.

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